Government pledge to ‘tackle cowboy parking firms’

Parking charge notices Photo RAC

A single independent appeals service is to be created as part of government plans “to curb unfair tickets and tackle cowboy parking firms.”

Caps on private parking fines for millions of motorists are also set to be introduced.

Government says this will give drivers more confidence to head into town and help boost the high streets.

In response to a recent Parking code enforcement framework consultation, the government says it is announcing a series of fairer parking measures including the single independent appeals service for motorists to turn to if they receive a private parking fine.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government says: “As part of our upcoming Code of Practice, we will also bring in a fairer system for private parking fines. In the new system, motorists will be given a 50% discount for early payment and the level of parking fine will be more proportionate to the nature and seriousness of the breach.”

By this Summer the Code of Practice will be complete and a transition period will allow parking operators to adapt to the new requirements.

A Scrutiny and Oversight Board will be created.

The single appeals service will go live by mid-2022.


  1. It’s really not rocket science.

    If the sign says “No Parking” – then don’t park
    If the sign says “Disabled Parking” – then don’t park, unless you’ve got a blue badge.
    If the sign says “Parking for customers only” – then don’t park, unless you’re a customer.

    There’s far too much pandering to motorists, considering the damage they collectively and individually do to our environment.

  2. No more shopping for us at Aldi or Poundstretcher in Margate with their very unfair parking charges. £70 charge at Aldi for being one minute over the time limit on a busy christmas shopping day. The companies those supermarkets employ rip the a… out of it and frighten the stores customers away.
    A fairer system is much needed in the UK. The penalty should be no more than you would expect by a local authority for parking on the street.

    • I think you get an hour and a half at Aldi.

      The store is not that large.

      I am at a loss to understand how somebody could possibly spend more than an hour and a half in there – unless they spend too much time chatting and dawdling.

      It is free parking for Aldi customers and not intended for long term parking for those going elsewhere – Aldi is trying to maintain a turnover and availability of spaces to benefit its customers.

  3. The only reason these parking firms sprung up all over the place was because drivers took the P big time by using private car parks as if they owned them for doing car repairs and cleaning of their vehicles parking overnight or parking there when their car tax run out. That’s why now the car park owner puts time limits on the parking. The only car parking fees I strongly disagree with is paying to park in the hospital car parks. It’s BS to say the fees go towards patient care. The income go to shareholders of the firm.

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