Red noses and laughter at Newington primary for Comic Relief Day

Comic Relief fun at Newington

By Peter Barnett

Laughter echoed from the rafters as a mirthquake hit Newington Community Primary School on Comic Relief Day.

A funtastic programme of events ensured that Red Nose Day was a winner for children and staff.

The giggle-fest include a jokeathon with each adult in school being filmed telling their favourite funny story, which were then compiled into a composite of chuckles and streamed to individual classes.

Children also swapped their own favourite silly stories as well, and posed for funny photos with their teachers.

Other popular events as laughter echoed around the corridors included a bonkers comedy skit by teachers Miss Groves and Mr Knight and a singalong to the catchy Newington ‘Happiness Song’ penned and played by music teacher Mr Eldred.

The crazy kitchen crew joined in and created an array of tasty Red Nose Day themed desserts as a special treat.

Children made Red Nose Day creative art including bookmarks and noses, and were able to dress in their favourite costumes as part of the charity non-uniform day. Characters around the school included numerous superheroes such as Batman and Spiderman. Sparkly princesses, and Star Wars characters the Mandalorian and baby Yoda.

As well as the fun day, children explored the more serious side of the type of work Comic Relief does as a charity helping people and supporting their needs. Teacher Mr Bennett, who worked for a sister project, presented an assembly which illustrated how working together can bring hope and positivity to those in need.

Teacher Stephanie Holmes, who is RE and charities lead, co-ordinated the big RND programme. She said: “It was a terrific day and we are forever grateful to our wonderful Newington families and community who together have raised over £400 for Comic Relief.”

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes said: “Our school is a happy place and our Comic Relief celebrations raised the laughter levels to a real high.

“It was lovely to see our children back in school and really enjoying being part of our community, after so many weeks when they missed the interactive contact of being with their classmates and our staff in person during lockdown.

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“Their smiles lit the place up today – we had a super time and helped support a very worthwhile charity too.”