Broadstairs man in court after police seize drugs and cash

Image Kent Police

A Broadstairs man has appeared in court after drugs were seized by officers in Thanet.

Yesterday morning (March 2), officers on patrol in Pysons Road, Ramsgate, stopped a car seen driving in the area. Drugs and cash were later seized as part of an investigation.

Dominic Murray has since been charged with possession of cocaine, possession of criminal property and driving without insurance.

The 38-year-old, of Northdown Hill, Broadstairs, appeared before Folkestone Magistrates’ Court today.

He was bailed to appear at court again on a date to be arranged.


  1. Have to comment , Well done National crime squad , Police just happen to stop a car lol, been going on years this , they leave the small time dealer alone as will only be replaced by another its the big dealers they want , its the guy that sells the odd bit that talks.

    • ill have you know we witnessed Dom carry out 3 tiny burning children from a house fire and then went back in to turn all the lights off AS HE WAS BROUGHT UP PROPERLY. You are the low life Chris T AS YOU HAVE NEVER SAVED TINY CHILDREN FROM A HOUSE FIRE

      • I know we not close like brother or best Mates
        And I got black card off the premises that day for spilling my soup
        But I appreciate the support and the cat and mouse I saved also
        If you remember correctly

  2. That man is innocent of all charges, i went to cub scouts with Dom and he would never do that, he has been framed . FREE DOM MURRAY

  3. You should realise that on here, everyone is guilty until proven innocent, not the other way as it should be.

  4. thank you very much lads and appreciate the kind words.
    Chris how dare you make a comment on some one you don’t know ?
    And I just want to ask why u even commenting on this page, isn’t there some board game you should playing,
    You donut.
    And if you do me well fuck ya you

    Funny tho how we I got randomly pulled over,the copper give me a couple good punches to face. The reason is TBC because actually don’t know my self.
    My poor mate who lent me his car who I feel sorry for.

    Actually I also feel sorry for the cooper from the day before who turned white
    I saved him that day trust me.
    He would of been black and blue if I never stepped
    I don’t actually think,my very good pal was in a good mood that day good bless x

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