Man issued with penalty after police called to ‘unlawful gathering’ on Ramsgate seafront

Police were called to the seafront this afternoon

A man has been issued with a fixed penalty notice for breaching covid restrictions following a report to Kent Police of an ‘unlawful’ gathering in Ramsgate.

Officers were called just before 1pm today (February 26) to a report of a group of 12 people near Harbour Parade. Officers attended to disperse the group who were by the closed Royal Victoria Pavilion.

One man refused to leave and was issued with the fine.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Shortly before 1pm, Kent Police received a report of an unlawful gathering of around 12 people near Harbour Parade, Ramsgate.

“Officers attended and dispersed the group. A man who refused to comply was issued with a fixed penalty notice for breaching Government rules to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

Currently covid restrictions are to stay at home unless you are out for reasons such as work, education, shopping, seeking medical assistance or to escape domestic abuse  or for exercise with your household, support bubble or one other person, socially distanced.

Restrictions are due to be eased in five stages starting on March 8 under the government ‘roadmap.’


  1. I kind of get Kevin’s point. The offence being committed is the gathering in a group rather than the refusal to leave.

    It’s like catching 4 burglars in a house and only arresting the one who didn’t leave when asked.

  2. In view of the fact that Thanet’s infection rate is going up, I think most of the comments on this thread are absurd.

    • I quite agree Andrew. When will people open their eyes and remember the many people who have already died of COVID. Let’s hope they didn’t die in vain. Less PC.
      Law and order needed. Harbour St area has a dreadful reputation and crime rate let’s be realistic.

  3. Nothing unlawful about a group gathering and socialising on a beach on a sunny day. Only morons would think that. Shame people don’t see whats actually happening here.

    • Sad? When these people by their actions are potentially spreading a deadly virus? Sad to see that some think this is OK.

  4. No evidence that anyone world-wide has ever caught the virus on a beach. The sea air and sunshine are very good for people’s health and immunity. Good to see all sorts of people and families and children enjoying themselves by the sea in Thanet yesterday. Only very mean spirited individuals would begrudge people this enjoyment. Stay at home if you want to, but others will continue with meaningful lives. Fear controls, and divide and rule pits people against each other, as this article seems to illustrate. Not a good look.

    • No one says being outside is illegal. No one says fresh air and sun shine are bad for you.
      The law current says you may meet with up to one other person for the purpose of exercise.
      12 meeting up is completely beyond the pale.
      All of us (other than Democrat) understand that CV spreads person-to-person through close prolonged contact. If more of us kept to the rules, we would not have needed a second (or third) lockdown

    • Get real – are you claiming a day at the seaside protects you from covid? Over 2.5 million deaths globally and you think everyone should carry on their lives as normal.Absurd.

      • 99.7 per cent plus survival rate and numerous deaths and destruction from the lockdowns catalogued in many legal cases developing across the world. And many deaths incorrectly attributed to covid as mainstream press articles and funeral directors are noting. I’d get real on those facts. Funny how the pro lockdown folk are always the shrill harsh voices. Doesn’t go well for their immune systems.

  5. i would like to say i thank the police done the right thing i.e if you get stopped for speeding most of the time they have a word with not to do it again and your on your way same here 12 people they had a word with and 11 went ok 1 gets a fine ok
    they know what its like in lockdown some times it gets bad you have to go out or you go mad

    • In the good old days maybe speeding was dealt with in that manner, these days the vast majority of “offences” are recorded by cameras and dealt with by post. No consideration regarding circumstances at the time and the level of risk the speeding represented. On the current basis of dealing with speeding they should all have been fined.

      Marva what happened to your belief in the need for polite language and etiquette?

  6. Having read a lot of obnoxious postings by Kevin Payne recently, I don’t feel that I want to be polite about him.

  7. That area has become more popular with the not so good never actually made it gangster type, they do what they like under full view of cctv.

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