Westgate man one of four jailed over County Lines drug networks

JAILED: Griffin (left) Evans (top) Jahan and Islam

A Westgate man is one of four drug dealers involved in supplying heroin and crack cocaine to the Medway towns who have been jailed for over 15 years between them.

Vincent Griffin, Andrew Evans, Mohammed Jahan and Saidul Islam were part of two organised county lines, who referred to themselves as the ‘Youngz’ and ‘Smokey’ networks.

They were involved in supplying the substances between January and August 2020, with their offending brought to an abrupt end after Kent Police officers carried out a series of warrants across Chatham, Thanet, Brighton and east London.

They each admitted their roles and were sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court today (February 25).

Their offending came to light following an investigation by Kent Police’s County Line and Gang Team, who worked in close partnership with their counterparts at the Metropolitan Police.

As a result of their enquiries, the officers established that two different phone numbers were being used to arrange the supply of heroin and crack cocaine. Over an eight-month period these phones were involved in more than 65,000 calls or text messages.

Vincent Griffin, from Westgate, was identified as being the main line holder, with Evans and Jahan playing a supporting role. They would also act as runners, with Islam responsible for storing the drugs.

As a result of the evidence gathered, a series of simultaneous search warrants were carried out at around 5am on 6 August 2020. Each of the offenders were subsequently detained at their home addresses.

Around 14 grams of heroin and 14 grams of crack cocaine were seized from Islam’s address, with the substances having a combined street value of around £2,800.

Griffin, 25, of Adrian Square, Westgate-on-Sea, admitted conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine. He was sentenced to six years.

Jahan, 22, of Glengall Grove, Tower Hamlets, London, admitted conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine. He was sentenced to four years.

Evans, 33, of Old Steine, Brighton, admitted conspiring to supply heroin and crack cocaine. He was sentenced to four years.

Islam, 24, of Diss Street, Tower Hamlets, London, admitted possessing heroin and crack cocaine with intent to supply. He was sentenced to one year and nine months.

Police Constable Ben Shove, Kent Police’s investigating officer for the case, said: “This investigation ended two county lines which were actively supplying heroin and crack cocaine to the Medway towns.

“Each of these offenders are responsible for a huge amount of harm that people misusing drugs have had to endure, not to mention the detrimental impact this has on their families and the surrounding community.

“Despite being spread over a vast area, and having a well organised pattern of offending, we were able to build a strong case that left them with little option but to plead guilty.

“This result sends out a clear message to people with aspirations to supply drugs in Medway – or anywhere else in Kent. We will never turn a blind-eye to drug dealing and, as these four men have found out, we will do everything in our power to bring any offender to justice.”


  1. Scum! and what another waste of time sentence. . . 6 years, hardly a deterrent to other criminal Drug dealers. Make it 20 years, then I might possibly agree.

  2. All the investigating time and expense in bringing these cases to court and the weak sentencing lets it all down. Do these judges actually understand the suffering those evil people cause? They will come out and start up again where they left off. We see faces in the papers who were jailed for county lines offences that are let out within a couple of years to carry on. No time to even be educated through the drug courses laid on. Those police officers must be shaking their heads with despair.

  3. They be out in 18 Months or less, a large gang was jailed in 1999 the longest was 25 years , on appeal this was reduced to 9 years and he walked in 5.

  4. Why lock them up at all? In fact,why even bother with arrest/trial/due legal process? We could just take them outside and shoot them,thus saving the police,courts,and society a lot of time and expense.Then we can all live in the marvellous world the earlier posters on this story seem to want…

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