People urged to rebook slots after waste compactor at Margate tip breaks

Margate recycling centre

People who are booked in for a slot at Margate waste and recycling centre to get rid of general waste are being advised to rebook or divert to Richborough.

The general waste compactor at the Manston Road site is broken and currently waiting to be fixed.

It means people cannot get rid of general household waste at the site today.

Kent County Council says people can divert to Richborough HWRC, but, if possible, it would be best to re-book for Margate. People disposing any other waste, such as wood, can still use Margate HWRC.

Slots can be booked via


  1. Oh dear yet another Covid excuse to disrupt daily life, our GPs have all gone AWOL not giving a dam if we live or die and the local rubbish tip repeat in case you missed it the RUBBISH TIP will only allow you take your RUBBISH to the TIP if you……yes you’ve guessed it MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. It’s it any wonder some are thinking of ending it all when even taking RUBBISH to the TIP needs appointment.

  2. In my experience, the appointments system at the tip is working well – Covids or no Covids.

    In previous years I have found myself sitting in a long, slow-moving queue in Manston Road whereas now I can drive straight in and park adjacent the containers without having to fight my way through throngs of others trying to dispose of their rubbish.

    Clearly a day out at the tip was the highlight of Bill’s life . . .

  3. John, the reason you had to queue before was because of the ridiculous way the tip has been laid out in the first place trying to get a quart into a pint pot had it been better planned and more space been given it would have been so much easier. Now the compactor has stopped working it will be an even more fly tippers delight. You may be surprised to learn that since the appointment systems were introduced the fly tipping has increased by 150%* in rural areas and on farm land to what it was before appointments had to be made. (*Keep Britain tidy figures)

  4. The tip shouldn’t even be where it is. Rubbish from it has blown all across the nearby cemetery, very disrespectful!

  5. Maxine Rogers.

    There is no limit on the number of visits you can make in a month. There was a limit when the scheme first started.
    You can only make one visit in the slot you have chosen.

    The website is clear and the system is working well.

    All you have to do is understand the rules and comply with them

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