Permission renewed for 48 homes off Manston Road

The outline application is for 48 homes

Permission has been granted for an outline application to build 48 homes in Manston Road, Ramsgate on land adjacent to The Beacon.

Outline planning permission was previously granted for the development at the former car storage site in  2018. The current application renews the planning permission and includes updated supporting reports.

The land, which has traditional been used by the circus for its Thanet performances but is also often used by Travellers, is previously undeveloped. It is close to the Manston Green site were 785 homes are due to be developed.

The outline application from Smart Planning Ltd, is for 12 one-bed flats, 10 two-bed flats, 10 two-bed houses, 12 three-bed houses and 4 four-bed houses.  Fourteen of the properties will be ‘affordable housing.’

Reptiles at the site will be relocated to Manston Golf Course.

Smart Planning

The developer is expected to make contributions of

Special Protection Area – £16,800

Secondary Education – £6,687.11 per house and £1,671.78 per flat

Libraries – £2,661.60 (Ramsgate library)

Play equipment – £42,000  (Princess Margaret Avenue and Warre Rec)

Community learning – £788.16 (Broadstairs Adult Education Centre)

Social care – £7,146.24

Youth service – £3,144

Health Provision – £41,472 (new medical centre at Westwood)

Waste and recycling facilities – £4,450.56 –

30% on-site affordable housing provision

Thanet council granted approval on Tuesday (February 9).


  1. All these developer contributions we hear about each time a development is approved by TDC Planning, – how come none of these specific improvements are ever fulfilled from those funds? Does the money drop down a black hole or into someone’s hands never to be seen again ??? or is it just hogwash sweetners to look good on paper? Whichever way, there needs to be some audits going on in the highest of places!

  2. Housebuilders donated £11m to the government last year I think I read somewhere, and that’s only what has been declared. No doubt local councils get their back handers.

  3. They need to remember that most house holds have two cars and these new housing estates don’t ever have enough parking for the residents. They should think long term for the quality of life of people living there instead of profit.Cut back the number of houses and make bigger gardens and driveways.
    Also this is right in the flight path so I hope they don’t moan when we have an airport back .

  4. I expect the new residents will be the london dross that the city doesn’t want .again thanet gets pooped on from a great height ,and I agree as an ex builder now retired nearly every site I worked on had insufficient roads and parking plus these small cramped gardens or as in parts of Westwood cross no front gardens at all .

  5. Further to my post I’ve had first hand dealings with the planning office and in all honesty they haven’t got a clue I helped construct a two storey extension some years ago and the idiot from the planning office came on site with their version of my plans for the roof but when i set out the pitch using their dimensions the ridge was only about 6 feet from the first floor to the ridge thus making the drawings USELESS also she insisted that dormer windows had to be incorporated in the structure as THEY lOOKED NICE what more can I say TSC planning office needs a serious shake up as the planning officer has never laid a brick

  6. Each house built will subject to an infrastucture charge as part of the connection fees for water and sewage connections.

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