Tribute paid to ‘brave,strong, inspirational’ Ramsgate mum and nan Sarah Olsen

Sarah and Stewart before illness changed their lives

An “extremely brave and strong” Ramsgate mum-of-four who last year vowed to raise awareness after being diagnosed with terminal cancer and Cushings disease has passed away.

Sarah Olsen spoke out about her condition last year after being told cancer in her lung and liver was incurable.

The former St Lawrence Domestic Services Team leader had beaten lung cancer once before but a routine check last year discovered the disease had returned.

In May of last year Sarah underwent a biopsy, scan and blood tests and was also told she had Cushings syndrome which had brought on diabetes. The conditions meant Sarah suffered effects including swelling and problems with eyesight.

Sarah decided to speak out in a bid to help others understand the conditions. She also set up a family and friends page on facebook to share her journey and made regular posts with dignity but also irrepressible humour.

The nan-of-six underwent chemotherapy but last month the decision was made to stop all further treatment. Sarah did not want to be in hospital or a hospice and so returned home to her family.

Yesterday morning (February 7) she lost her battle and passed away with partner of 27-years Stewart holding her hand, less than an hour after being shown a photo of daughter Luanna’s newborn girl. Ellie Sarah Julie Rose.

Sarah and Luana

Luanna and the family have paid tribute to an “extremely brave, strong, bubbly and happy’ wife, mum, nanna and friend.

Luanna said: “Mum was bubbly, happy and easy to talk to. So many people loved her and she made friends wherever she went.

Sarah with son Sam

“She is the most amazing nana. She loves the bones of all her beautiful grandbabies. I know she will always protect them. Like their own guardian angel.

“She was a brave, strong, inspirational women. She was someone that you could always count on. She made friends wherever she went, everybody loved her, and rightly so.

Sarah as a young mum with son Joe

“She was in love with music, always dancing and singing along. She’s make her famous cupcakes to hand out to all her visitors and work colleagues and friends.

Fun loving Sarah with sons Sam and Joe

“I have many memories that I hold dearly and will treasure for the rest of my life. It was unfortunate that on the same day of me welcoming my baby girl into the world, I had to say goodbye to the most amazing women, that I was proud to call my mum.”

Sarah, with Stewart, bravely spoke out last year

Sarah leaves behind partner Stewart, sons Joe, Sam and Adam, daughter Luanna, her grandchildren, family and many many friends.


  1. Its so so sad a story and my heart goes out to Sarah and the beautiful family she has put on this Earth with her lovely Husband. I know how it is to suffer Cushings and Cancer and Diabetis as i have the same set back. I am currently being treated i have a Tumour on the Adrenal glands both sides and also have Grand Daughters. I can understand how huge a loss this is and the struggles for the whole family. I hug you and praise you all for your Courage and especially Sarah, she would have been overjoyed to see her new Grand child coming into the world. Bless her heart both baby and Sarah and Babys Mother such a tough time. God bless you and hold you in his Care. My prayers for you all and many tears. XX

  2. Rip my beautiful strong amazing friend. You touched my heart and became my friend the moment we met. You helped me at my low were there for so much of my life I looked up to, you were always so strong, kind, honest, such an amazing heart. I love and You are forever in my heart xxx rip Sarah.

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