Photos: Snow in Thanet February 2021

Photo Rob Yates

There might not have been too much fun in 2021 so far but a bit of snowfall today (February 7) was a welcome change.

Youngsters took the opportunity to chuck snowballs and build snowmen after, unusually for Thanet, it snowed enough to lay.

However, an apparent lack of gritting on isle roads led to some problems, including a Thanet Loop bus becoming stuck on Victoria Road for over an hour.

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  1. Why haven’t KCC Highways gritted the roads in Thanet ? They were on the local news on Friday telling us how prepared they were with 26 gritter trucks waiting to come out and grit, plenty of grit in store also. Was that just a publicity stunt as traffic is coming to a standstill al over because no gritting has taken place?

  2. Same old story every year. For months leading up to winter KCC are always banging on about how “ready” they are for winter and have their gritting lorries on high alert, competitions for kids to to name the gritters etc.

    Fast forward to actual winter. This snowy spell was forecast for days. No gritting from what I have seen locally. Hopeless.

  3. Lazy dangerous no grit all the steps on Kent place iced why plenty of time to make it safe for elderly and family’s to enjoy the snow without falling down it takes 10 min to grit the stairs and slope are we expected to do that as well as clean the beach and empty bins.

  4. Because of limited resources tory kcc are ONLY gritting PRIMARY roads, i have been complaining to officers Thanet has been hit worse than west kent and more action is essential.

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