Sentencing of fake cancer con woman moved to next week

Nicole Elkabbass

A Broadstairs mum-of-one found guilty of faking cancer in order to dupe people into giving her money via a Gofundme campaign will now be sentenced next Wednesday (February 10).

Nicole Elkabbas, 42, of Edge End Road, had been due for sentence today for two counts of fraud relating to money she received between February and August, 2018 in a fake cancer con.

Elkabbas conned some 600 people into donating to the fund and even lied about having a cancer operation to “remove her right ovary”. Elkabbas groomed her victims online and from her local community. The alert was raised by an eagle-eyed private hospital consultant who reported his suspicions to police.

Some £45,000 donated to the fund was spent on gambling, hair extensions, holidays and a box at Tottenham for her lover’s family.

Admitting to a ten-year-long gambling addiction, Elkabbas told Canterbury Crown Court during her trial in November that her behaviour was ‘what addicts do”.

The court heard Elkabbas had lied on multiple occasions. She “lied” to members of the public, her family, friends and supporters, some of whom said they had “identified with her” and had paid thousands of pounds to her fake cancer campaign.

Sentencing has been moved for court administration reasons.