Covid positive rate in Thanet falls below 400 per 100,000 people


The covid positive rate per 100,000 people in Thanet and fallen below 400 and now stands at 399.5 (as of January 22) compared to 613.7 fourteen days earlier. The UK rate is 358.7.

Government data for today (January 27) shows 57 new positive cases recorded for Thanet, making 503 in the last 7 days which is a 27% reduction on the previous week. A total of 10,310 positive tests have now been recorded for the isle.

Sadly, 10 deaths within 28 days of a positive covid test have been recorded for Thanet, with 34 in the last seven days and a total of 328.

Compiled by Barry James

East Kent Hospitals Trust, covering general hospitals in Margate, Ashford and Canterbury, has 374 patients with covid in hospitals (as of January 19) with 43 on mechanical ventilation.

Vaccinations are taking place with hundreds of people receiving jabs in surgeries at St Peter’s Church Hall, Birchington Medical Centre, Minster surgery and in Ramsgate. A mass vaccination centre for east Kent opened in Folkestone on Tuesday and county councillors were told in a meeting on January 22 that Thanet was also due to get a large scale site at a ‘shopping centre’ – assumed to be Westwood Cross.

In Kent and Medway, as of January 17, a total of 127,823 doses of vaccine had been given. This comprises of:

  • 57,923 first doses to people under 80;
  • 49,208 first doses to those aged 80 and over;
  • 5324 second dose aged under 80 and
  • 15,368 second dose to those aged 80 and over.

Across the UK, up to January 26, 7,164,387 people had received the first dose of vaccine and 474,156 had received the second.

Nationally there have now been 103,602 losses were covid-19 is mentioned as a cause on the death certificate.

The outcome of the national lockdown review and a plan for  the gradual lifting of restrictions will be made public in the week beginning February 22, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced today (January 27).


  1. 399 in a 100 thousand is still high. Not time to lift restrictions yet. Let’s all hope our Government has learnt it’s lesson..

    • Yes we were banning flights from the EU when the infection rate was over 20 in 100000. Makes you think..

  2. The fact that the numbers are dropping is a sign that a sizeable majority of us is keeping to the rules.
    The fact that the figure is still high is a sign that far too many are not.

    • Whole heartedly agree Andrew.
      When will those members of the public stop blaming the government and and accept responsibility for spreading this disease.

  3. Based on the population estimates for Kent,the vaccination roll out in Kent is as follows:
    80+ 49.7%
    70+ 36.7%
    Of course some parts of Kent are doing better than others.
    Some districts may have completed the 80+ vaccinations and others (Dover) have hardly started.The same will apply to the 70+.
    Even so completing the 4 top priority groups by February 15th is a tall order.
    I am afraid the vaccination roll out is dogged by excessive secrecy.The Govt ought to level with public over vaccine stocks,how much is delivered and where it is being distributed.If you are going to publish district based infection rates, you should also publish district vaccination rates.
    What is happening now,is constant boasting about how well we are doing, and to be fair,this is a sustainable argument, but it is at the local level where the picture is rather more mixed.
    Anecdotally, Thanet is not one of the slow coaches,it appears to be doing rather well.
    I suspect hard work from local surgeries is achieving success.
    It is easy to have a sense of schadenfreude over the EU and their vaccine roll out, but this is not a sprint. 7m may have been vaccinated but there is probably at least 110m vaccinations to go.It’s a good start, but we are some distance from the finish line.

  4. The chart which is compiled by ‘Barry James’ please tell me it’s not the same Barry James who’s on ‘we love Ramsgate’ fb page??

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