Litter bag dispensers installed along Margate seafront to encourage people to ‘do their bit’

Rubbish bag station Photo TDC

Twelve new ‘TidyPac’ stations are being installed along Margate seafront in a partnership between Thanet council and community litter action group, Rise Up Clean Up Margate (RUCU).

The stations are similar to the existing Tikspac dog waste bag dispensers, which were installed by the council across the district in 2016. The latest stations however are much larger in size, and provide a free recycled plastic bag to encourage people to collect litter instead. The aim is to normalise the idea of litter picking and encourage everyone who visits the beach to do their bit.

As part of the project, RUCU has created eye-catching designs so the stations are easy to spot. Residents and visitors can expect to see eight of the 12 stations being installed at various locations along Margate Main Sands from today (January 22). The success of the first set of stations will be monitored in the coming weeks and a decision will then be made on the best locations for the remaining four stations.

Cllr Steve Albon, Cabinet Member for Operational Services said: “These new litter stations are a great way to help us find solutions to prevent litter being left on our beaches. We hope they will act as a very visible reminder that anyone who comes to our beaches should pick up after themselves as all too often rubbish is abandoned with the expectation that it’s someone else’s job. It’s not.

“Working together with RUCU to tackle some of the litter issues we experience in Thanet is a very positive step forward for our community. We’ll be monitoring how successful these initial stations are with the hope to explore the possibility of installing more across the rest of our 19 miles of coastline.

“Thanet has a unique natural coastline and is part of a designated marine conservation zone – any litter not placed in bins properly is likely to end up in the sea!”

Rise Up volunteer at work

Alanna McGill-Tagg, Rise Up. Clean Up. volunteer said:“The RUCU organised litter picks began back in summer last year, as a response to the sheer volume of litter being left on the beaches every day during the peak season. Even during winter and in lock down, at each clean we’re still pulling roughly 20 bags of litter off the beaches and surrounding areas.

“The organised picks are a fantastic way for the community to come together and clear a huge amount of litter in one go…but what about in between the organised picks? With the TidyPac stations, we’re hoping that people will take and fill a bag each time they go for their walk on the beach; a little, but often approach.

“Huge thanks to everyone who donated to the crowdfunder and also to the brilliant teams at Thanet District Council and TiksPac who helped make this possible, and of course to the Margate community!”

The funding for the project has come from a crowdfunding campaign led by RUCU, together with a £500 contribution from Thanet District Council. The council is also coordinating the installation of the stations along the seafront.



  2. Sounds like a positive step (agree with previous comments made) but once people have picked up the rubbish using the bags provided will there be enough bins for the collected rubbish to be disposed? If not we will up with plastic bags of rubbish being dumped instead won’t we? Most of the time the wheelie bins around Thanets coastline are always over flowing. I also worry about idiots just vandals just throwing the bags everywhere. I want it to work but I dont have a lot of confidence that it will. I for one will do my bit.

    • I agree JJ, but what happens to the plastic bags of rubbish? I have seen well meaning volunteers picking up litter in Ramsgate, then they piled the bags up on a street corner for TDC to collect, which in many cases they didn’t! Consequently the bags were attacked by vermin scattering the litter down the road, Duurh! The same applies with bags of dog faeces, because the bins were not emptied often enough! Consequently bags of dog s**t were piled up around the bins, because the bins were not emptied, again Duurh!

  3. So let me get this right .. tdc get rid of public bins then implement this because there’s a rubbish crisis. Erm.. ok most locals (who do anyway) will abide by this and respect our coast but once restrictions end I very much doubt holiday makers taking there rubbish back from a weekend away.
    To top it it will be justified in there yearly report “working” because of lack of holiday makers in first quarter.. great 👍

  4. I believe this is a good step! It means that people who are just going on the beach can take the bag and put their own rubbish in it rather then dumping it! The people who believe it’s someone else’s problem are just contributing to the problem! How does anyone expect things to get better if they, themselves won’t help move towards the goal! Ridiculous. If they want clean beaches to enjoy they should help, yes those littering should be the ones to do it but unfortunately they won’t and there’s nothing to be done about it apart from directly confronting if seen. I don’t know what more people want when it comes to approaching the matter besides making it someone’s job which just reinforces that it’s ok to do as it’s “giving someone a paid job”. Why can’t people just appreciate them trying to tackle a big issue.

  5. Brilliant idea! We all need to our bit to help our environment and the sea! If we don’t do it then we’re just contributing to pollution and ruining our wonderful beaches. Make it the norm not to litter rather then Making it a paid occupation that reinforces that it’s ok to litter. We all live here as do animals, we need to do our bit.

  6. This is a step in the right direction, brilliant idea. It doesn’t matter that it’s not our rubbish, if you care about the environment you’d do it for your own sake and the future. 🙂

  7. I am sure this is well meant but why should people who pay their taxes do the job of Thanet council? people who visit Thanet are not concerned about leaving their litter behind and no matter how many bins are put in place nothing will ever change the mindset of these litterers.

  8. What about the 10 new waste and recycling staff that our Council Tax went up to pay for this year? Why haven’t they even been employed yet Councillor Albon? What has that money been spent on? Who authorised the decision to stop the recruitment of these staff? All through the summer when TDC were telling us they were doing everything possible to clean the beaches up when they hadn’t even recruited 10 staff that taxpayers had already stumped up the cash for.

  9. Well, what a good idea, at least they are trying to sort the littering problems. Maybe if everyone picked up their own rubbish this would not be needed. Nor would we need the road sweepers.

  10. So these tiny bags are to collect rubbish now? They are touted elsewhere as ‘dog poo bags’ & have been seen time & again to be taken by people who think that it’s a great idea to pocket handfuls of them instead of buying their own! Not much point in providing something once that won’t ever be refilled going by the other locations these empty holders now reside in….

  11. That will be more plastic pollution then on a beautiful coastline and where does the plastic bags go of mixed waste cos you can’t recycle that so it then goes abroad causes other problems..duh! Employ more to pick it up stop putting that cash in your pockets give thanet residents something to be proud of!!! Stop being so short sighted

  12. Need more bins, there is a need to have bins always within eye sight as some people will not search for them.

    TDC dont really get it, why would they produce a photo with what looks like a disposable face covering tied to the railing or it may be something else but its trash.

    Hey, another summer staylocation is on the cards. Plenty of time for the relevant authority’s to prepare.

  13. When ever I go out what ever I have taken with me or buy in wrappers I put the empty wrappers in my pocket to take home. Than I empty my pockets and put the wrappers into the correct bin.

    Why do so many people find that a hard thing to do ? We do we need a nanny state to look after the thoughtless people ?

    Employ more wardens, fine the litter lots if they dont pay take their phones or TV’s etc. Time to get tough

  14. I think it’s a good idea it makes some sense but unfortunately I don’t expect these bags to be replaced as often as they should be..
    The dog poo bags that are supplied by the sunken gardens are always empty.
    But action has been taken at long last which is something positive…
    I suppose when the DFLs are back down this way we will see if free bags make a difference..
    I can’t see they will use them but the locals will when they all go home at the end of their day and leave their filth behind on beautiful beaches..
    It’s ok we’ll clean up after you all, because we care about where we live!!

  15. I am more alarmed that people are expected to clean up after others with their bare hands, whilst the picture depicts beach cleaner with a litter picker! Hepatitis, HIV, Covid…?!

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