Kent Police hand out 63 covid breach fines in 5 days

Image Kent Police

A further 63 fines have been issued this week to people breaching Covid-19 regulations, including some in Thanet.

Since Monday (January 11) officers have fined people for holding inside and outside gatherings, being outside without reasonable excuse and for not self-isolating.

During the early hours of January 13, officers stopped a car in Stirling Way, Ramsgate, where they found three people, all from separate households.  They told officers they had driven from London to collect money that was owed to them.  They were all fined £200 each.

A woman was fined £200 for hosting a house party in Sweyn Road, Cliftonville.  Officers attended the property after reports of a disturbance outside, but when they arrived they noticed birthday banners on the door.  The home owner claimed all those attended had received negative Covid-19 tests.

Fines in other areas of the county include a man from Northfleet facing a £1,000 penalty after failing to self-isolate after returning to the UK from Romania.

Another man was fined £200 on 13 January for failing to wear a face covering in a supermarket in Charlton Green, Dover.  Three men were also fined for not wearing face coverings in a takeaway shop in Strood following complaints.

Fines of £200 were also issued to people in Gillingham, Edenbridge, Rochester and Dover for allowing other people inside their homes.

Assistant Chief Constable Claire Nix said: “It is unacceptable that people are still choosing to hold indoor and outdoor gatherings and to make un-necessary trips.

“At a time when there is so much pressure on Kent’s health services it is more important than ever for people to adhere to the government regulations.

“The country is at a critical point and we must all understand the dangers of the rapid spread of this new variant of Covid-19.

“Kent residents should visit the Government website to ensure they are familiar with what is and isn’t permitted and what may be exempt from the restrictions.

“Officers will continue to patrol the county, explaining, engaging and encouraging people to adhere to the regulations and will enforce the penalty notices when they feel it is necessary.”


  1. Only 630?
    They could have upped that figure considerably by popping into my local frozen food store this morning.
    Half the customers were not wearing any face coverings, and another had his nose hanging out.

    • Easily solvable by the companies having someone on the door enforcing the rules-no mask, then no entry. Anybody would think they only care about money, not the health of their staff or customers & don’t want to turn anybody away.

    • I wouldn’t even go into a shop wear lots of people weren’t wearing face coverings… and I’d report the place. Maybe you should do the same?

  2. I notice how people are now entering the large supermarkets, with a mask on, then once inside it ends up as a chin dangler. Why are these people such idiots, so many people have lost their lives from this virus, but still some believe it is no big deal.

  3. Much too busy with covid to deal with crime.
    Boris and lackies should advise precautions before turning to Stasi police state methods.

    Yes, we need to protect the NHS but halving the bulky admin team would release a lot of money for medical use.
    Perhaps the QEQM could set a staff example by looking at their staff taking breaks outside in St Peters road, no social distancing, few face masks, heavy smoking. To quote an NHS worker who lives near me ‘covid isn’t a danger, I work with them everyday’.

  4. The government have finally decided about a year too late to test & quarantine people coming back into the UK-who would have thought that not testing people & trusting them to do so would backfire?

  5. We need a quick way to report people who are not complying and putting others at risk. A phone or text number that is easy to remember, but not 999. They have enough on their plate without someone contacting them to report a non mask wearer. I had to cross the road the other evening to avoid a group of people who were chatting and blocking my path towards my road. None of them wore masks. They were just totally unaware of anything other than their own little world. They saw me crossing the road but didn’t appear to realise why I was doing that.

    • There are definitely two sorts of people: “aware” and “oblivious”.
      The former will take steps (literally) to keep out of your way, or if you move to give them space,they give you a cheery smile and a “thankyou”.
      The latter, having leaned over you in the supermarket to pick up, examine, and then replace several items, stand so close to you in the checkout queue you can feel their (unmasked) breath on your neck; when you ask them politely to back off a bit, they look at you as though you’ve make an indecent proposal.

  6. £200 fir hosting a birthday party for goodness sake?? Whats that £10 each. What sort of deterrent is that 🤣😂

    • Indeed, they should’ve fined everyone there £200… unless the guests had all fled by the time they got there?

  7. You are supposed to report breaches of covid on the Kent Police website but I don’t think they read the reports as are too busy. No action has ever taken place with any of the reports made by us, our neigbours and friends. They say it is a waste of effort. That is the difference with police in Kent to the rest of the country.

    • According to the above article, the police received reports of a party in Cliftonville. So they must’ve been contacted somehow, via phone perhaps?

  8. everyone who has commented on this are all bloody stupid and your the reason Boris Johnson let the virus into the UK so I suggest you you all mind your own damn business

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