Measures to slow speed of traffic to take place in Broadstairs following number of collisions

Traffic calming measures along the Albion/St Peters Park roads (google maps)

Traffic calming measures are to be installed in a stretch of Broadstairs road following a number of crashes that have taken place.

Kent County Council will install new hatch markings along the centre of the Albion Road and a new traffic island to narrow the carriageway and slow cars down. Advisory parking bays will be placed on the north side of the road and the centre line adjusted

In St Peters Park Road there will be a priority give-way arrangement using kerb buildouts will be implemented outside St Joseph’s Primary School to reduce speeds, and the location of the bus stops moved slightly to ensure the buses can still pull up next to the kerbs.

The measures are being taken after investigation concluded many of the collisions were caused by the speed of traffic on the stretch.

A KCC notice says: “This location has been identified as a Crash Remedial Site, where a number of personal injury collisions have occurred. Following investigation as to the causes of the collisions it has been established that the speed of traffic along this road is a contributory factor and slower vehicle speeds would help reduce the number and severity of crashes.”

Work will start on Monday, February 15 and last for five weeks. Much of the work will take place during the February half term because some installastions will be outside St Joseph’s Primary School During school term time, works will take place under restricted hours of 9am-3pm. Two-way temporary traffic lights will be in place, manually controlled during peak hours to keep queueing to a minimum.

If you have a problem during the works or need to contact KCC in an emergency you can call  03000 41 81 81.


  1. That’s good news but adding parking bays are you joking .
    Kcc must be stupid .
    Wait and see with parking bays more accidents will happen especially if narrowing road .
    Should be double lines all way .
    I’m for the new arrangements but leave out the bays .

  2. Schoold are not in use during the latest lockdown except for children of essential workers and vulnerables so they don’t need to wait until half term !!

    • Kent Resident, you beat me to it. All schools appear to be closed for the foreseeable for most pupils, start when you like.🤪😌

  3. Most schools which are *closed* are half full with key workers’ children.
    Broadstairs had a brilliant scheme introduced last year – removed a week later by howls of protest from entitled motorists.

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