Support for Margate nursing home following covid outbreak

Shottendane Nursing Home

Shottendane Nursing Home in Margate is receiving support from GPs, Kent County Council and Public Health England following a covid outbreak.

A number of residents, staff and the registered manager have tested positive and one resident is understood to have sadly died.

The home, which is rated good in all areas by the Care Quality Commission and has been running since 1988, has capacity for up to 38 people who have nursing needs and require end of life care.

The CQC is monitoring the situation.

A spokesperson for Kent County Council (KCC) said: “We were saddened to hear that Shottendane Nursing Home has experienced a COVID outbreak over the New Year period.

“There are currently some staff members who have tested COVID positive, including the Registered Manager and a small number of confirmed resident cases.  Some residents are currently awaiting test results due to it being a rolling programme.

“Within the Thanet locality, KCC, CCG and KCHFT hold daily conference calls to discuss all care homes with outbreaks and to offer support as required to home managers, staff and residents.

“In addition, Shottendane Nursing Home are receiving on-going support from Public Health England, Infection Control and their GP practices via their Primary Care Networks.”

Vaccination programme

The covid vaccination programme began roll out in care homes last month. The NHS is  providing GPs with an extra £10 for every care home resident they  vaccinate against Covid by the end of January in an accelerated drive to protect the most vulnerable.

The NHS vaccination programme, the biggest in health service history, is being expanded after regulators approved the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine..

The logistical challenges of using the Pfizer vaccine, which was the first to be approved by regulators, made it difficult to use in care homes. The vaccine needs to be kept at -70 degrees until it is ready to be used and can only be moved a limited number of times.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca jab can be kept at fridge temperature and transported more easily, making it easier to get to care home residents.


  1. This is desperately sad. I sincerely hope that the staff and residents get the medical support that they need. It is always a terrible concern that patients are basically left to cope alone in the care home context. There are GP’s in Thanet who do not visit patients in need. Furthermore, unless care home staff have previous nursing qualifications, above and beyond keeping patients clean there is no expertise for providing medical care.

  2. Currently in the home awaiting being moved on for orthopedic treatment. Staff are caring and helpful and food excellent so devastated on getting this news this morning!

    • See the KCC statement provided. There is more than one case although the actual number has not been specified

  3. There is an out of hours GP service which is grossly underfunded and under manned for the whole of Kent. It is these GP’s that are in the front line and are at most risk of catching covid. We have been doing things on the cheap and we are being found out.
    The trust centralising on the Wm Harvey does not help. The QEQM ought to receive mass vaccination now to stop hospital acquired infection and all the Old Peoples homes ought to be vaccinated ASAP.
    There is no point in having meetings or discussions if the vaccine is not being administered. So far limited vaccine is being administered in Thanet which has seen some Pfizer vaccine delivered within a few GP surgeries.
    Large parts of East Kent are vaccine less either Pfizer or Astrazeneca.
    Meetings achieve very little, jabs will.
    They have had nearly a year’s notice what have they been doing to plan and prepare?
    That said things are worse in some parts of Europe.

  4. It’s also v sad when you live near a family consisting of a carer who works in such a hospice who also has a daughter who’s a trainee paramedic and witness them having gatherings all over Xmas and then to hear such devastation. Sadly not all carers and those in the sector are nice. Furthermore I reported them three times and not once did the police attend. So sad a dear old person died. How selfish human beings can be and claim to be carers. I hope and pray the majority of people working in hospices and in the ambulance profession are less selfish. Craig Mackinlay has been informed for comment.

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