Search and rescue called to kitesurfer dragged out by current

Coastguard helicopter Photo Jamie Horton

HM Coastguard Margate and two search and rescue helicopters were called out to West Bay at Westgate today (January 4)  to a kitesurfer in trouble.

The kitesurfer lost his board and was dragged out by the current.

Margate Coastguard, HM Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R163 and HM Coastguard Herne Bay were also tasked to assist.

Thankfully a police unit managed to throw the kitesurfer a life ring and drag them to the nearest ladder to get them out.

The person did not need any medical intervention and all units were stood down.


  1. Foolhardy to go out in this weather. I have just been down there with my Westie and the sea is extremely rough. He was lucky to be rescued/ I hope he thanked his rescuers for the free helicopter ride!!!!

    • I indeed hope that this was not a free ride and the person responsible for this foolhardy behaviour has to pay for it….

  2. Moron!Putting others at risk through his selfish behaviour. By all means,go and drown yourself,but don’t put others at risk,you certain!

  3. He should be made to pay for services who have enough to try and deal with at this time.
    Shopping , dog walking are nessatarys. One form of exersize is “allowed” so maybe he was doing just that which i doubt , maybe he thought there wont be anyone about .
    For whatever reason of his he should be made to pay for the people who saved his life.

  4. A lot of expense with a Police launch, two coastguard land units along with search and rescue helicopters because of a fools selfishness going out in atrocious weather. Luckily he was rescued before it was too late but where was the RNLI lifeboat? Has it been removed in preparation of the Turner Centre expanding already?

    • Kent Police Launch? New to me. As for the idiot individual, he should be presented with invoice for full costs of his rescue. I noticed Kite Surfer in Minnis Bay on Saturday in atrocious weather and alone. Madness and selfish.

  5. I have been advocating for over 30 years that anyone undertaking sports should have mandatory insurance! Tens of thousands of people each year end up being rescued, or getting themselves injured, sometimes for life, costing £billions which comes out of the NHS and emergency services budgets, why? In Germany people have to take out personal injury, and third party insurance when undertaking any sports, some even do this for just being a pedestrian, as they could cause an accident! Time this was taken up by our MP’s, as it could save the NHS etc a lot of money better spent on those who deserve it!

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