Lockdown 3: What you can leave home for and who you can meet, what’s open, what’s shut


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has  announced a new national ‘lockdown’ for England to be effective from now and being made law on Wednesday morning. The lockdown is expected to last until at least mid-February if the situation in hospitals improve.

By this point, the NHS hopes to have vaccinated everyone in the top four priority groups identified by the JCVI – including older care home residents and staff, everyone over 70, all frontline NHS and care staff and all those who are clinically extremely vulnerable..

The rules have now been outlined on the government website.

Leaving home

You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. This will be put in law. The police can take action
against you if you leave home without a ‘reasonable excuse’, and issue you with a fine (Fixed Penalty Notice).
You can be given a Fixed Penalty Notice of £200 for the first offence, doubling for further offences up to a maximum of £6,400.

You may leave the home to:

  • shop for basic necessities, for you or a vulnerable person
  • go to work, or provide voluntary or charitable services, if you cannot reasonably do so from home
  • exercise with your household (or support bubble) or one other person, this should be limited to once per day, and you should not travel outside your local area.
  • meet your support bubble or childcare bubble where necessary, but only if you are legally permitted to form one
  • seek medical assistance or avoid injury, illness or risk of harm (including domestic abuse)
  • attend education or childcare – for those eligible
  • Harm and compassionate visits – you can leave home to be with someone who is giving birth, to avoid injury or illness or to escape risk of harm (such as domestic abuse).
  • You can also leave home to visit someone who is dying or someone in a care home (if permitted under care home guidance), hospice, or hospital, or to accompany them to a medical appointment.
  • Animal welfare reasons – you can leave home for animal welfare reasons, such as to attend veterinary services for advice or treatment.
  • Communal worship and life events – You can leave home to attend or visit a place of worship for communal worship, a funeral or event related to a death, a burial ground or a remembrance garden, or to attend a wedding ceremony.
  • You may leave home to fulfil legal obligations or to carry out activities related to buying, selling, letting or renting a residential property.


Colleges, primary and secondary schools will remain open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. All other children will learn remotely until February half term. Early Years settings remain open.

Higher Education provision will remain online until mid February for all except future critical worker courses.


If you do leave home for a permitted reason, you should always stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live. You may leave your local area for a legally permitted reason, such as for work.

Clinically vulnerable

If you are clinically extremely vulnerable you should only go out for medical appointments, exercise or if it is essential. You should not attend work

Meeting others

You cannot leave your home to meet socially with anyone you do not live with or are not in a support bubble with (if you are legally permitted to form one).

You may exercise on your own, with one other person, or with your household or support bubble.

You should not meet other people you do not live with, or have formed a support bubble with, unless for a permitted reason.

Stay 2 metres apart from anyone not in your household.

Sports and physical activity

Indoor gyms and sports facilities will remain closed. Outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges and riding arenas must also close.
Organised outdoor sport for disabled people is allowed to continue.


Closures include

● non-essential retail, such as clothing and homeware stores, vehicle showrooms (other than for rental), betting shops,
tailors, tobacco and vape shops, electronic goods and mobile phone shops, auction houses (except for auctions of livestock or agricultural equipment) and market stalls selling non-essential goods. These venues can continue to be able to operate click-and-collect (where goods are pre-ordered and collected off the premises) and delivery services.
● hospitality venues such as cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and social clubs; with the exception of providing food and
non-alcoholic drinks for takeaway (until 11pm), click-and-collect and drive-through.

UPDATED – Venues will no longer be able to serve takeaway or click-and-collect alcohol. Delivery is still allowed.

● accommodation such as hotels, hostels, guest houses and campsites, except for specific circumstances, such as where
these act as someone’s main residence, where the person cannot return home, for providing accommodation or support
to the homeless, or where it is essential to stay there for work purposes
● leisure and sports facilities such as leisure centres and gyms, swimming pools, sports courts,fitness and dance studios,
riding arenas at riding centres, climbing walls, and golf courses.
● entertainment venues such as theatres, concert halls, cinemas, museums and galleries, casinos, amusement arcades, bingo halls, bowling alleys, skating rinks, go-karting venues, indoor play and soft play centres and areas (including
inflatable parks and trampolining centres), circuses, fairgrounds, funfairs, water parks and theme parks
● animal attractions (such as zoos, safari parks, aquariums, and wildlife reserves)
● indoor attractions at venues such as botanical gardens, heritage homes and landmarks must also close, though outdoor grounds of these premises can stay open for outdoor exercise.
● personal care facilities such as hair, beauty, tanning and nail salons. Tattoo parlours, spas, massage parlours, body and
skin piercing services must also close. These services should not be provided in other people’s homes
● community centres and halls must close except for a limited number of exempt activities. Libraries can also remain open to provide access to IT and digital services – for example for people who do not have it at home – and for
click-and-collect services

Remaining open

● essential retail such as food shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, garden centres, building merchants and suppliers of building products and off-licences
● market stalls selling essential retail may also stay open
● businesses providing repair services may also stay open, where they primarily offer repair services
● petrol stations, automatic (but not manual) car washes, vehicle repair and MOT services, bicycle shops, and taxi and
vehicle hire businesses
● banks, building societies, post offices, short-term loan providers and money transfer businesses
● funeral directors
● laundrettes and dry cleaners
● medical and dental services
● vets and retailers of products and food for the upkeep and welfare of animals
● animal rescue centres, boarding facilities and animal groomers (may continue to be used for animal welfare, rather
than aesthetic purposes)
● agricultural supplies shops
● mobility and disability support shops
● storage and distribution facilities
● car parks, public toilets and motorway service areas
● outdoor playgrounds
● outdoor parts of botanical gardens and heritage sites for exercise
● places of worship
● crematoriums and burial grounds

Find full guidance here


  1. This is all good. But it must be enforced. Face coverings the shops must enforce. The number of shops open that should not be is infuriating. Take a drive up Northdown rd

  2. Far too many large groups out and about at the weekend,ignoring all social-distancing guidelines. Don’t rules and guidelines apply to everyone? Apparently not if you fancy a day at the coast.

    • Some scientist or other was saying that although the 100s of people at raves and parties are spreading the virus, so are the 100,000s who just pop round their mum’s or the neighbour’s for a quick cuppa.
      In my street there are largely two sorts of households: those who have visits from friends and family, and stand on the door step/at the gate and stay apart; the other group consists of people who have a variety of visitors in the house for a whole afternoon or evening.
      The virus *only* spreads because people are too close to others for too long.

  3. This isn’t no lockdown, you can do to the supermarket and stand in a queue, but you can’t walk around a golf course, why is construction still open, it wasn’t open in the first lockdown, a national lockdown is what it says, A NATIONAL LOCKDOWN close everything

    • How can you close supermarkets & pharmacies? people need to eat & get their medicines. There isn’t the ability to home deliver groceries to everybody & not everybody has 40 quid plus to get one.

  4. So lets get this straight thanet primary schools are told to open in thanet but not in ashford by Boris (Friday) Saturday i amongst others call for local schools to close. On Sunday Boris says schools are SAFE. Monday Boris says shut all the schools to save lives. That’s clear leadership not

    • He’ll be damned by you and others what ever he does. I dread to think of the even bigger mess if Labour had got in government. Yes, he has made mistakes, but tell me of ANY leader that has got it anywhere near 100% right – there isn’t one!

      • All said & done, he can only pass on with what the expert advisors advise. He is not doing a one man job, or making a one man decision.
        When something like this virus hits the whole World… the whole World should work together in finding a way out of it.
        This new type of virus strain infects more quickly and violently than the ‘first wave’. However, it was discovered initially in NSW Australia in early November 2020, and carried there by American freight plane crews, who were quickly isolated & quarantined for 2 weeks. (true: google it).

        • This was meant as a reply to Ton, who asked what political leader had got it right, and I posted Sir Keir Starmer, but it didn’t go into Tons “Reply” box!

  5. why allow click and collect, or that does is make firms make staff come to work, places like pcworld argos ikea in fact most retail now days so no one will be able to stay at home as told cus off all the loop holes.

  6. Every year from now on in there will be viruses, and they will mutate. Will you happily lockdown every year for the rest of your lives? Current vaccines will be of limited use, but natural methods of keeping a good healthy immune system going are always there.

  7. Wakey, wakey people, it was obviously planned, why did you think the furlough scheme was extended to March?

    Hmmm, how many guesses I wonder?

  8. There have been viruses since there has been life on Earth.
    Once upon a time, diseases such as smallpox and polio brought chronic illness and death to millions if people, despite their natural immune systems.
    Since the development of vaccines, polio is just about squashed, and there is no smallpox anywhere in the world.
    I will choose to have the vaccination, to help my own immune system.
    Excellent to think that for once, in all this shambolic response by the government, they got it right in respect of the furlough scheme.

  9. Please tell me that you are not seriously suggesting that BJ and his chumocracy have done a good job!
    By any criteria they have failed to lead, failed to plan, and have rewarded the least worthy in society with tax payer resources.
    As a govt they started out as an inexperienced bunch of ideologues and hack journalists, ill equipped to cope even with normal crisis levels.
    They exterminated all opposition in their path, and banished those in the conservative party who had administrative experience or talent, to oblivion, and now we are all collectively paying the price.
    The virus has found them out big time and no amount of bluster, exaggeration,defamation, or misrepresentation, will stop it in its tracks.
    It has taken science, expert knowledge,persistence, diligence and understanding to come up with 2 vaccines.These are all attributes that are in short supply in the Johnson Govt, based as it is on spite, and a monocular view of the world.
    There is no use in saying that Labour would have done worse or no better,they were not elected. Johnson and his team were, and the buck as they say, stops with them.

  10. Does anyone consider the purchase of lottery tickets and scratch cards as essential shopping? The shop I work at gets many customers visiting on a daily basis sometimes three or four times a day JUST to buy these, I saw the tv advert encouraging people to play the ‘superdraw’ on Saturday just hours after the PM had told us to ‘STAY AT HOME’, shouldn’t Camelot suspend the lottery or make it online sales only?

  11. Does this mean that people who voted Labour are more likely to get the virus then?
    Most of these comments are ridiculous…. I’m just trying to keep up!
    This virus has NOTHING to do with Politics.
    It has to do with World Safety, therefore EVERYTHING should be done worldwide to end it,
    sooner rather than later!!!

  12. The way that nations respond to the virus has everything to do with politics.
    It’s governments, made up of politicians, who dictate the policies we have to adopt.
    It was this government that brought in L1 far too late, and released it far too early; they didn’t help stop the spread of the virus by offering the “Eatout to Help out” scheme.
    We can only not go into work if the government provides some sort of welfare scheme.
    We can only keep our children at home without penalties if the government tells us so.
    So yes, politics is at the very heart of England’s response to the pandemic.

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