Thanet has second lowest positive covid rates in Kent and Medway

Covid map

Government data shows the rate of positive covid tests per 100,000 in Thanet is falling again although data may be incomplete due to the holiday period.

According to the government covid dashboard the Thanet figure is 565.8 per 100,000 for the seven days to December 23. This is the second lowest rate in Kent and Medway with only Tunbridge Wells having a lower number.

The England average stands at 378.6 per 100,000.

Today (December 28) 71 positive Thanet tests were reported, making 751 in the last seven days, a 9.6% drop on the preceding week. A total of 6387 positive tests have been recorded for Thanet to date.

Today there has been one death recorded within 28 days of a positive test, making 13 losses in the last seven days and a total of 228 losses within 28 days of a positive test.

Covid-19 is mentioned on the death certificate but may not be the primary cause of death.

The latest R (reproduction) number for the healthcare region of South East is estimated at 1.2 to 1.4 with a daily infection growth rate range of +4% to +7% as of 24 December. The R rate is the average number of secondary infections produced by a single infected person,

The figures are updated daily, although there is some time lag on some statistics. They can be found on the government dashboard here and here 

Hospital data

Data from East Kent Hospitals (via NHS England) shows there are 374 occupied Covid beds as of December 22 at the main sites (Margate, Ashford and Canterbury). This is up from 173 on November 30. Of those 27 mechanical ventilation beds are in use, up 10 from November 30. East Kent Hospitals Trust has recorded 752 covid related deaths to date (see footnote).

Tier restrictions

Thanet, along with the rest of Kent and Medway is in Tier 4 restrictions. This will be reviewed by government on December 30, Rumours that a Tier 5 could be brought in to try and reduce the covid spread are yet to be confirmed.

Tier 4 explained – what is closed, who you can meet, Christmas and where you can travel

Area                                                                                               Rate per 100,000

Folkestone and Hythe720.4
Tonbridge and Malling704.5
Tunbridge Wells535.7

Details of Covid attributed deaths data: NHS England and NHS Improvement publish the number of patients who have died in hospital and tested positive for COVID-19 in England.  Since Tuesday 28 April, NHS England and NHS Improvement also reports the number of patient deaths where there has been no COVID-19 positive test result, but where COVID-19 is documented as a direct or underlying cause of death on part 1 or part 2 of the death certification process. This change has been introduced for deaths that occurred on 24 April and subsequently.


  1. 565.8 positive tests for covid almost certainly means that 565.8 people were not conforming to any of the rules at all, let alone T4 “stay at home” rules. CV spreads by close contact between people.
    It’s so simple. Stay away from other people; it stops the spread of the virus.

    • How about teachers? How about students getting it from other students and taking it home to their families?

      Yes there are many people not following the rules but don’t think that just because someone has got a positive test they haven’t followed the rules.

      An awful lot of key workers are suffering from this because they put themselves in harms way by teaching your kids, providing health or social care or by working in supermarkets. And they in turn are infecting their families by passing it on when they have been pre-symptomatic.

  2. I would think it would be just as helpful to make public the death total of people that could be prescribed as the primary reason of death rather that just referring to a death as Covid19 being possibly attributed to death. That could also be detailed still in a separate list, but still made public. The true death rate from Covid19 is being overstated otherwise.

    • Medway hospital is overwhelmed. Many ambulances with patients outside.
      A friend had an accident and was told up to eight hrs for an ambulance.
      She had fallen down outside.

  3. Maybe you should consider the people who have to work where it is very difficult to stay away from others- teaching staff, police and medical staff. In a perfect world we would all like to prevent the spread.

    • I’m sure that in many environments where people have to work there are covid secure systems in place. Screens, physical spacing, face covering etc.
      It’s when people meet up in homes that the trouble is. How many people had Christmas lunch with extended family and:
      Held the lunch outdoors;
      Socially distanced by at least 2m;
      Had screens between diners;
      Wore masks when not actually eating?
      There you go, then.

      • Andrew – this variant of the virus is more contagious than the previous one.

        I haven’t left my flat except for exercise where I have kept away from everyone. We shop via delivery and we haven’t met up with people. My SO is a teacher, he follows all the rules in place, and is a stickler for getting the kids to do the same – distance, sanitiser etc. He got infected at school whilst following all the rules. If you are in a closed space with an infected person for long enough – even with the window open, you are at risk of getting Covid. It’s that simple.

        I isolated from him in another room the second he got poorly but it was too late. We are both still recovering from it.

        How dare you suggest that we got it by being anything less than vigilant? We have been stricter than the rules suggest at all times – based on what we read works in scientific and medical journals.

        The first lockdown reduced the virus because people did largely follow the rules and the schools were shut. Everything since then has been flawed.

        • “How dare you suggest that we got it by being anything less than vigilant? ”
          I wasn’t making any personal observation at all.
          It is a fact that CV (unlike cancer or a stroke) spreads by contagion, by people being too close to infected people for too long.
          As Of Thanet says, this new strain is even more infectious, so we should be even more careful.

        • I don’t think it’s usually necessary -or particularly good for you, in many ways-to stay at home except for exercise. The main thing is to keep at a safe distance from people when you’re out, and clean your hands often.

  4. What’s happened to the one way systems in supermarkets primarily TESCO MANSTON we live in cliffs end and it is our nearest shop ,the management have implemented traffic light system to slow influx of shoppers but when in the shop it’s a free for all with people going in all directions making it an impossible task to keep 2METERS .COME ON TESCO SOUGHT IT OUT IMPLEMENT THE ONE WAY SYSTEM AGAIN PLEASE

    • Yesterday in Tesco’s, six people without masks all couples. Come on did they all have breathing problems? Not by the way they were behaving.
      Pig headed people just not going to be told.On the main entrance should NO FACE COVERING NO ENTRY. AND SECURITY SHOULD ENFORCE IT.

      • I totally agree with you Phil people that are not wearing face covering should not be aloud in the shops if they are exempt then they should get someone to do there shopping for them or get home delivery.

      • Yes Phil I absolutely support you on that.tesco make it quite clear in the summer about wearing t-shirts etc in the face covering no entry.and your chin doesn’t count as face covering

  5. We all know now this virus spreads. But people still insist on flying around the world. Stop travelling would definitely help…

    • In February, when the situation in Wuhan was going critical, our government urged folk in the province to fly home to the UK (bringing the virus with them). With the exception of a small handful of people from a cruise ship, none was quarantined and there was no tracking and tracing.
      They spread to the 4 corners of the UK, and the virus spread with them.
      I see from the news that over 500 Brits have done a runner from a Swiss ski resort to avoid lockdown in the Alps.
      What on Earth were they doing there in the first place? Will they self-isolate when back in the UK? (No!)

      • Please be careful your attitude could lead to you becoming infected because your are so sure you have made your life covide secure, your shopping is delivered ask yourself how many people have been in contact with your shopping. Happy and safe new year.

  6. Must i admit Malcolm, Tesco at Manston is a free for all. I have told the cashier’s to tell the Management to bring back the one way System. Most of the staff agree, is this profit over health???

    • You are suffering from Pilockism Colin, get help, there is no cure in your case, but it can be managed by mental health professionals, or an infant scvhool teacher.

  7. Some reasons to be cheerful. But putting it into perspective, there is already extensive expert comment on the flaws in the testing system throwing up many false positives for a virus which has NOT been isolated. This leads to draconian lockdown and tier measures causing more death and destruction than the virus itself. By 28 Dec, NHS data shows that only 388 people under 60, with no other underlying health conditions, died of Covid (I’m over that age but take care of my health). Dr Adrian James, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, says the current mental health crisis is having the biggest hit since the Second World War. Over 99.7 per cent of the population survives and many dying, are not dying of covid, but of underlying health issues. I presume quite a few from conditions not treated by the NHS in lockdown, while many have just died at home as they’ve been too fearful to attend hospital for suspected heart problems etc. The legal cases developing globally will certainly illustrate some of the fear-mongering is incorrect and healthy debate amongst the medical and scientific community has been shut down and censored. People and particularly those at school, college and universities, should get on with their lives. Anyone who wants to stay at home, and has medical reasons to do so, can make that choice. We can also make our own decisions to maintain our immune systems with our physical, dietary and mental choices. Fear many control, but it is useless most of the time unless a tiger is chasing you down the street. In 5 years time, will some never have human touch or connection a hug again, but will be raging that someone in a supermarket walked too near to them as the virus mutants to its 12,507th strain (and the raging will probably make them quite ill in itself)?

  8. “This leads to draconian lockdown and tier measures causing more death and destruction than the virus itself” -FALSE
    ” Over 99.7 per cent of the population survive” -TRUE -but FALSEif you look at the figure for those infected . And the number of infections is low because of lockdowns And tiers.
    “healthy debate amongst the medical and scientific community has been shut down and censored. ” -FALSE – the nature of scientific debate is quite the opposite.
    “.We can also make our own decisions to maintain our immune systems with our physical, dietary and mental choices. ” – TRUE – but with rights come responsibilities. And if you exercise your right to rely on a healthy diet of fruit and nuts to boost your immune system rather than have a vaccine, then you also have a responsibility to keep out of the way of people doing their best to suppress the virus’ spread – ie, Stay out if pubs, cinemas, theatres, hotels, trains ..

    • Not sure you are qualified to be the fact checker Andrew as you are too loud. The virus has never been isolated – sure or false? The British Medical Journal quote that “the only test for live virus is viral culture. PCR and lateral flow tests do not distinguish live virus. No test of infection or infectioness is currently available for routine use.” They also say it is not clear to what extent people with no symptoms transmit SARS-CoV-2. That’s a fact to save you the bother. Look it up. It means the testing system is pretty useless and leads to fear mongering and draconian lockdowns. Damage from lockdowns killing more than the virus itself. Many reports for those who read widely (conditions not being treated by the NHS, those dying at home, suicides amongst all age groups etc. etc. – and damage being businesses failing, those in old people’s homes and special needs centres not having their humane bees met, a mental health crisis as large as that of WW2 according to experts in that field, community groups falling apart etc etc. and high streets practicularly shutting down. Another fact – more under 60s died on the roads last year than those with no underlying health conditions from coronavirus. Do we ban cars and vans and buses and lorries? Fact – no. This time next year – how many will be happy to be isolated at home, their children not educated, businesss still shut and mostly failed, no human touch ever again in their lifetime, no entertainment or lifting of the spirit or human connection, still living in fear of virus that come and go and mutate. The few saying yes probably have their own mortgage free homes and gardens, pensions, any children grown up, and far fewer pressure to engage. Now I may fall into some of those categories but I do not have the selfishness to deprive others of a proper life or to look around to see the harm being caused by weaponised fear messages.

  9. It’s simple the government has to stop kids going to school this is why the R number gone up instead of relying on the new wonder jab
    total lock down for every one and close are boarders
    I’m self employed and have been for15yrs plus I do not qualify for the SEISS scheme

    • As i have asked before and still await a srnsible answer…if the schools are the cause for the high numbers of cases, why is the infection rate not the same throughout the UK? After all, schools are in every community. Or is it due to the lack of social distancing by a minority of students and their families who are the root cause of the problem?

      • Pretty simple Paul schools in the South have different start dates to rest of uk
        So the Northern rate will be higher than the South they go into a tier then 2wks later there rate comes down
        then the south goes to school the rate goes above the northern rate its a never ending cycle
        Simple really

  10. I notice little is being said about West Kent being a special case. Yes, we could do as the Chinese, South Koreans etc and impose really draconian regulations and enforcement ,but they all have large military + paramilitary forces available, I hesitate in the case of China to call them police forces.
    As I have said it seems to hinge on the Astra Zeneca vaccine being available almost immediately. I fear the consequences if the medicines regulator delays much further.
    I think some of you fail to understand the rotten housing conditions many live under, with over crowding and little space to isolate. There is a correlation between poor working conditions,poor housing and the spread of disease and infections.

    • I won’t be having the jab I’m 61 the gov are putting some think into some ones arm and nobody is completely certain about after effects

      • One of the certain after effects of CV is death or prolonged chronic illness.
        More than 600,000 people in the UK alone have had the jab: side effects are vanishing small. Statistically it’s safer than ibuprofen.
        And if you refuse to take the vaccine, then you should do the decent thing and carry a card or wear a badge declining medical help, should you be smitten. Why should medical staff have to be exposed to even more harm than they are at the moment because of your folly?

      • I agree Gary, it’s a rushed to the market vaccine with an unprecedented mRNA make up, with legal liability of any vaccine damage waived for big pharma involved. The CDC in the States has already published lists of side effects encountered which are not minor. Those with allergies are advised not to take it or those under 16, those with cosmetic fillers are having problems according to US medical reports, you are also advised not to have the jab if you are pregnant or want to get pregnant (and what the length of time It is for this is very debatable). It’s all in the MHRA gov listings. But I’ve previously read about the dangers to immune compromised people and wonder if that’s been buried now. That begs the question of giving it to the elderly with failing immune systems.

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