Flowers laid marking 20th anniversary of the death of Margate’s PC Jon Odell

PC Jon Odell (photo Kent Police Federation) and the memorial stone (Photo Little Stour Orchard)

Flowers have been laid at a Margate memorial to mark the 20th year since the death of Thanet’s PC Jon Odell.

PC Odell was in Shottendane Road at a static traffic point when a speeding driver hit and killed him on December 19, 2000.

The 30-year-old, who had lived in Margate with his partner and her son, had pointed a radar gun at a Vauxhall Astra when the driver hit him.

He suffered head injuries and broken legs and arms and died in hospital four hours later from internal bleeding.

Wayne Rule pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to nine years in prison. He was released in May 2006. He was jailed again last year for driving while disqualified.

A permanent marble memorial to PC Odell’s memory was put at the site of the crash in 2002 by the Police Memorial Trust.


A socially distanced memorial service was held this morning at Margate police station. This was also livestreamed internally to allow as many people as possible to participate.

The Chief Constable Alan Pughsley attended and read a poem that was first read by the then Chief Constable Sir David Phillips at the inaugural service on 19 December 2001.

Chief Constable Pughsley said: “Jon was a hardworking, popular officer who was highly regarded by his colleagues. He lost his life while doing a job he was dedicated to.

“His sacrifice should never be forgotten. A service is held annually to honour his memory and although those attending this year are limited in number, everyone is invited to view the tribute to Jon.”

Each year from now the newest officer in Kent Police service and based at Margate will lay a wreath on the anniversary of PC Odell’s death.

Read more at the Police Memorial Trust at


  1. Jon Odell was a really good man, an exceptional police officer , a gifted artist and writer too…
    He never deserved to be mowed down by a callous drug addled thug ..
    I will never forget him, he was a good friend and colleague, The whole town came to an eerie standstill as his funeral cortège passed through..
    RIP Jon

  2. Remember when this happened. Wonderful to see the pond life who killed him in cold blood hasn’t changed two decades on & is still putting others at risk.

  3. I remember well he tried to get away and hide knowing what he had done. No remorse and still doing criminal acts. It is a sad state of affairs when it comes to this and just a small part of what we expect a police officer to deal with in the course of their duty.
    We should never forget those who lay their lives down in serving and protecting the public.

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