The GP sites providing Covid-19 vaccinations in Thanet

Covid vaccine (Image iStock/MarsBars)

GP services in Kent and Medway are joining the biggest vaccination programme in NHS, starting today [Tuesday 15 December].

GP surgeries in each area will contact patients directly, by phone and letter, to invite them to vaccination clinics. For the initial vaccinations starting this week invitations will be focused on patients who are aged 80 or over and can come to the vaccination sites.

There is no need to contact GP surgeries directly; people will be invited when it is their turn. Services for housebound patients and care home residents are being developed.

GP surgeries are working together in groups (Primary Care Networks) to provide the Covid-19 vaccine. There will be one vaccine site for each network.

Four primary care vaccination services will begin Covid-19 vaccinations on Tuesday 15 December, four more from Wednesday and one on Thursday. Up to 17 sites are being planned to open by the end of this week, and further sites will be confirmed in due course. There will also be further sites starting in the New Year.

In Thanet vaccination sites will be at:

Start dateVaccination sitePractices covered
Tues 15 DecMocketts Wood, BroadstairsThe Limes Medical Centre

Northdown Surgery

Bethesda Medical Centre

Mocketts Wood Surgery

Wed 16 Dec


Minster Surgery, RamsgateWestgate Surgery

Minster Surgery

St Peter’s Surgery

Birchington Medical Practice

Broadstairs Medical Practice

Ash Surgery

Thur 17 Dec


Montefiore Centre, RamsgateThe Grange Medical Practice

Summerhill Surgery

Dashwood Medical Centre

East Cliff Practice

Newington Road Surgery

Dr Navin Kumta, Ashford GP and clinical chair of Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “This is fantastic news. General Practice will play an integral part of rolling out the vaccine across Kent and Medway. It is a massive step forward in our fight against Covid-19.

“It is a big task and it will take time. Patients will be invited when it’s their turn, so there is no need to call your surgery. We know people want to find out more but please be patient and keep surgery phone lines free for others who need appointments and prescriptions.”

With infection rates in Kent and Medway still amongst the highest in the country Dr Kumta said: “The vaccine is the long term game changer. But everyone will need two doses given about a month apart. So right now we still need to be taking every step to stop the spread of the virus.

“It’s critical that anyone with symptoms self-isolates; along with everyone in their household. And we all need to keep washing our hands regularly and properly; wearing masks and keeping two metres from others wherever possible.”

Information on the roll out of Covid-19 vaccine in Kent and Medway will be kept up-to-date at:


  1. This is great news! And because a number of centres is opening across Thanet, most of us will be able to access them without too much trouble.

    • The infirm will have other arrangements. The otherwise elderly are just as able to get about as anyone else.
      Look at it like this: if you got a message saying you’d won £Ms on the lottery, but had to pick up your cheque in person, you’d be phoning for a cab in a shot.
      Well, you’re going to get a call that could be a lifesaver. So just phone a cab

    • You lefties always find something to moan about, don’t you?

      Did you know that the statistics released 2 years ago reveal that at least 75% of patients already registered at Mocketts Wood Surgery are elderly and disabled?

      Besides if you read the article properly, more sites will open in the coming months.

    • All the thousands of patients that are already registered at Mocketts Wood must be able to get there !

      Most others can ask a friend, neighbour or relative to help out – failing which they will have to get a taxi.

      People who want the jab are going to have to make a little bit of effort . . . just because they are elderly or disabled does not mean they are bed-bound. Those that are will undoubtedly be visited by a nurse in any event.

      • I notice that Mockett’s Wood surgery is only half an hour away from ne by Loop bus (senior bus pass) and a short walk. As someone above commented, not all elderly are infirm; some are quite sprightly !
        I don’t understand the negative comments. Here we have a potentially life saving vaccine being rolled out in record time, for free. Let’s be thankful!

      • My Mum and Dads doctors is Mocketts wood and believe me my lovely mum has last stage Altzheimers.She cannot walk and has to have carers out every day. She is extreamly frail and cannot walk. Physically impossible to get there. Believe me my Dad wants her to have it as he has been stuck in coping with his lonelines most of the year he is worried about how she will receive the vaccine. Before making comments make sure you know that not everyone can get there .

      • Minster is accessible by both train and bus.
        And if it’s my only option for a life saving jab I’ll walk, cycle or take a taxi, if public transport isn’t possible.

  2. Just had a call from Bethesda to take my 89 year old mother for her first vaccination later today. They gave me the option of any day / time this week. It is actually taking place in St Peters Church Hall (opposite Co-op) rather than the Mocketts Wood surgery.

  3. its now the 6th January has anything happened yet at Mocketts Wood surgery for the extremely vulnerable patients ? am 81 and recovering from throat cancer treatment – have not heard a thing

  4. Thanet is a bit slow at doing things all doctors surgeries are still open while you cannot always get an appointment they should spend their time vaccinating their own patients. As some of these new drugs can be kept in a normal fridge I assume the medication vaccines at these large hubs are Phizers that need to be kept at lower temperatures.Delay cost lives.

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