Margate RNLI and Coastguard attend kayakers in trouble off West Bay

Margate RNLI inshore lifeboat 'Alfred Alexander Staden' (RNLI Margate)

Margate’s RNLI volunteer crew have responded following a report of kayakers in difficulties off Westgate.

UK Coastguard was contacted by members of the public around 1pm today (Monday 14 December) reporting three kayakers appearing to be in difficulties at West Bay with the occupant of one of the kayaks reported to be in the water close to the other two crafts.

Margate’s RNLI inshore lifeboat was tasked to assist, Margate coastguard rescue team (CRT) also attended. Conditions were blustery and while en route coastguards informed the lifeboat that one of the kayaks was close to returning to the beach but the other two were still at sea.

Once on scene the lifeboat confirmed the occupant of the first kayak was safe ashore and the other two were endeavouring to return toland.

As one of the two was feeling the effects of the elements he was taken on board the lifeboat and returned to shore along with his craft. Once it was confirmed all three kayakers were safe and not in need of medical assistance the lifeboat was released and returned to station.


      • People swim all year round.People get into difficulties in the sea all year round. Should there be an all year round ban on “going into the sea”?

  1. I know, lets go kayaking in mid December. Look at the tide times die we? Of course not. Have a gander at the weather forecast? Probably not. Were we wearing life jackets? Doubtful. RNLI will always bail us out if anything goes wrong & we don’t mind wasting their time.

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