Sixty-five vehicles stopped in day of traffic action in Thanet

Vehicle checks in Queen's Parade, Photo Jamie Horton

Police in Thanet stopped drivers who were using mobile phones and seized uninsured cars during a day-long focus on road safety.

Officers from the district’s Community Policing Team carried out checks at Nethercourt Hill, Ramsgate; Queen’s Parade, Cliftonville and on the A28 in Birchington on Friday (November 27).

Officers stopped a total of 65 vehicles during the day, seizing four cars which were not insured.

Seven drivers were issued with Traffic Offence Reports; four for driving without insurance, two for driving while operating a mobile phone and one for speeding.

Photo Jamie Horton

The stops also led to seven searches being carried out under the Misuse of Drugs Act, with cannabis seized from one vehicle and one person issued with a caution for possession of cannabis.

Thanet District Commander Chief Inspector Rhiannan Pepper said: “With shorter daylight hours and increasingly icy and wet roads at this time of year, safe and responsible driving is extremely important.

“We focused our activity on roads where concerns over dangerous driving have been raised to us by residents, and we will continue to respond to local reports in this way.

“As the results show, illegally driven or uninsured cars are all too often linked to other forms of criminality and I am pleased that our work has also led to searches for and the seizure of illegal drugs.

“I encourage everyone using Thanet’s roads to take responsibility for the safety of their vehicles, and their driving, and ask anyone who has concerns about issues in their area to report them at or by calling 101.”


  1. What troubles me and about twenty other local and affected residents, is that the A255 St Peters Road is used as a race track. We live in Drapers Close, CT94AH.In the last year, a KCC vehicle was in a head on collision with a mini just by the Drapers Close entry. The mini was written off and the KCC vehicle ended up on its side. Since then there have been double yellow lines painted where there was safe on road parking. Now, with no parked vehicles to impede drivers, it is like a race track with many vehicles clearly doing up to 45mph on a 30 mph road. I suppose that unless there is a fatal incident, nothing will be done about the problem. I have to ask – If I was doing 30 mph in a High St 20mph area, would I get away with it if no accident happened? I doubt it very much!!Over to you Kent Highways!!

    • The reason that mini had a crash was due to the parked cars on the blind bend. The parked cars forced vehicles onto the opposite side of the road. Whilst those vehicles may have been doing the speed limit, the drivers coming from the direction of St. Peter’s rarely adhere to the speed limit, hence the accidents occurred. There have been 2 serious accidents on St. Peter’s Road in the last 6 weeks, both causing the road to be closed. With the new McDonalds opening, that stretch of road has become even more dangerous with youngsters using it as a racetrack. There needs to be a speed camera put up where the road goes from 50mph to 30mph. It’s only a matter of time before there is a fatal accident at the junctions of Lister Road and Drapers Close. Vehicles speed around that bend and anyone pulling out won’t stand a chance.

    • Hooray hooray. It’s about time the police in Kent got off their arses and started policing.
      There are so many bad drivers on our roads now. It needs clamping down to save lives.
      The police should be more visible on our streets. Trouble is, our judiciary is too lenient. Punishment should be much more severe.

  2. Thats just a one day snapshot. Imagine how many offences and illegal vehicles that would be found over a year if the police had the resources to police our roads properly

  3. Hereson road ramsgate and Dumpton Park drive Ramsgate are notorious for speeding motorists and drug drivers and both roads desperately need fixed speed cameras and a police crackdown on drug driving.

    We need speed cameras and reinforcement of the current speed limits not a blanket ban of 20mph. The same drug driving speeding motorists will continue to drive at 45 in a 20mph zone. Until there is enforcement of the law by the police a fancy new sign will not deter a drug driver breaking the speed limit. or driving with no tax or insurance.


    • The collective noun for pigs is “drove”, not “bunch”.
      And I have no idea what relevance your porcine reference has to the police penalising law-breaking motorists has.

    • And your real ‘job’ is, MAC………….?
      We would all be the poorer in society if we had no police to enforce the laws of the land from the selfish amongst us.
      Your comment is both offensively childish and grammatically incorrect. Please grow up.

    • You can just picture this sorryfull, attention seeking little wankspangle sat at his keyboard all day and night, I bet those keys stick to your stumpy little fingers by now Maccie walkie.

  4. As a cyclist I am constantly amazed at the recklessness of some drivers, especially those who squeeze me in when I pass a traffic island, or they open their car door without looking to see if anyone is coming up behind them on a bike! I am all for the police doing these checks, especially people using mobile phones whilst driving! I was waiting at the Pysons Road traffic lights for them to change once, and just as they did I heard a voice in my head say “don’t go”! I stopped, and a woman shot through the red light, speaking on her phone, had I gone when the lights my side changed, she would have killed me! Yes, more speed cameras please!

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