Jail for drug dealer caught by stinger after police chase on A256

Spencer Bowen has been jailed

A drug dealer who claimed he would not have been caught by police during a pursuit had he not been stopped by a stinger has been jailed.

Spencer Bowen was arrested with cocaine and a knife after his car was stopped near Sandwich on Tuesday, October 20. He had driven on the wrong side of the road and the wrong way around a roundabout during a police chase in his bid to escape.

The 29 year old, of Brent Way, Liverpool, was jailed for four and a half years at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday (November 23).

On the night of the arrest, Kent Police officers were alerted to a silver Audi, the driver was suspected of being involved in drug dealing in Thanet.

Bowen, who was driving the vehicle, failed to stop for officers when requested to do so on the A256 south of Ramsgate and was pursued.

Police used a stinger near Richborough, puncturing two of the Audi’s tyres, but Bowen continued to drive at up to 80mph in a 50mph zone.

He drove on the wrong side of the A258 and went the wrong way around a roundabout before officers made contact with the vehicle to bring the pursuit to a safe end and reduce the danger to the public.

Bowen was found in possession of cocaine with a street value of up to £2,600, a knife and £350 in cash and was arrested at the scene.

While sitting in a police vehicle he told officers he would have got away if the car he was driving had not been stopped by the stinger.

Bowen admitted dangerous driving, driving whilst disqualified, possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and possession of a bladed article.

PC Adele Couchman, Kent Police’s investigating officer, said: “Bowen’s comments on arrest show he was unfazed by putting the public’s and police officers’ lives in danger.

“I would like to praise the bravery of the officers involved in bringing this pursuit to a quick conclusion and bringing him to justice.”


  1. Ah yes I remember this well, the police also put members of the public at risk by leaving the stinger laying in the road that burst the tyres Innocent drivers who were driving along the road afterwards. At least the police caught the bad guy..

    • Yes, they caught the bad guy, but also caught the good guys.

      So clumsy of the police to leave it in the road. Sounds like a sketch from Laurel & Hardy.

  2. He was also charged with attempted murder in Brighton in 2016 but got away with that one. A very dangerous serial criminal !

  3. Build more prisons, lock the garbage up for longer and take away the privileges and luxuries (Xbox’s, televisions etc etc .

    Prisons should be horrendous places, a place to be feared not the holiday camps the liberal justice system has made them. Vicious thugs who are jailed should lose their human rights and should be made to earn them by good behaviour.

    English prisons are a holiday camp compared to most countries. Prison is supposed to be a punishment and deterrent not a place to play pool and Xbox.

    • Surely prison is there to rehabilitate criminals – at least,that’s what the prison service says.Perhaps if there were more focus on rehabilitation than on punishment,there would be fewer repeat offenders.

      • Yes – but clearly criminals are not spending long enough in prison to be properly rehabilitated.

        This man has been to prison previously for a similar offence, comes out, and does the same thing again.

        Obviously he has a major problem that a couple of years of incarceration is not going to cure.

      • Dr Jones, many of these vile thugs do not want to be part of society, they only want quick money without working for it, they want a champagne lifestyle without putting in the hard work..

        Some can be rehabilitated, however too many of them genuinely believe they are above working for a living.

        Keeping criminals in the community is a social experiment that has gone wrong. If someone is in prison they can’t reoffend and make innocent peoples lives a misery.

        The people who believe it’s better keeping criminals in the community obviously do NOT live in the same communities as the criminals. Perhaps if the liberals who believe in social justice actually experienced the crimes these scum lowlifes inflict on others they might actually open their eyes to the real world. It’s easy to turn the other cheek when it’s not you being hurt.

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