Laleham Gap students prepare for video ‘quiz’ call with Anne Hegerty of The Chase

Mr Ursell and students have been researching for their call with Anne Hegerty

Post 16 pupils at Laleham Gap School will get an opportunity to “quiz a quizzer” this month through a video call with Anne Hegerty of The Chase, I’m a Celebrity and The Governess.

Teacher Paul Ursell organised the video call and says he is committed to expanding the horizons of his students. Mr Usell says he tries to inspire the youngsters and give them real life examples to show they need not be limited by any conditions they have and that, on the contrary, those may be the source of their success.

Nearly two years ago Mr Ursell started efforts to contact Anne’s team. Anne has Asperger’s, a form of autism. At times, she has struggled with some of its manifestations. However in later life, particularly since her diagnosis, she has been able to embrace it and not simply learn to live with it but see it as an ingredient for her success.

Once Mr Ursell got through to Anne she was very willing to come and visit Laleham Gap to support him. However first work commitments and latterly Covid has meant fixing a date has proved impossible. Determined not to let Covid stop the message getting through Anne has now agreed to do the video meeting. Pupils and staff are understandably very excited.

Image via @anne_hegerty

Anne said: “As someone with Asperger’s myself I was only too pleased to accept Mr Ursell’s invitation to do a live video call with his Post 16 pupils. I totally agree with him about the importance of education and that having autism may impact on you but it does not need to limit your life. I hope, even if it is just in a small way, to help him to inspire his pupils to go for their dreams knowing nothing need hold them back.”

In the week leading up to the unique call Mr Ursell’s students will do some research about Anne’s life so they can ask her questions. They will then get to ask her three “tricky or interesting” quiz questions each!

Mr Ursell said: “ I am really interested in what they will ask, whether they will catch Anne out and what she thinks about their questions. I am also looking forward to Anne’s answers. “Most of all I am looking forward to them realising they can be just as successful. They just need to find the thing that inspires, motivates or interests them, just like Anne has. That is what Post 16 here at Laleham Gap is all about – equipping our young people with the tools to go on and have highly successful and fulfilling lives.”

The video call will take place on November 12 – watch this space to see how it goes!


  1. Wow! This is amazing.
    My little man is in primary at LG but he’s a massive fan of The Chase. He watches it every night and has the game on his Kindle.
    Anne is definitely our favourite chaser.

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