Fire crew called to collapsed scaffolding in Ramsgate


A fire crew was called to Ramsgate yesterday (October 29) following the collapse of scaffolding on Abbott’s Hill.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called  at around 2:14pm. One fire engine was sent to the scene and crews used small tools to stabilise the structure and make the scene safe.

No casualties were reported although a close by building is believed to have suffered damage to a window. The scene was left in the care of the owner of the property at 2:54pm.


  1. Scaffolding collapsing, is getting more, and more common, why is this?

    Have scaffolding regulations been lowered, testing less efficient, rogue companies, criminals loosening nuts and bolts on the structure?

  2. Why not reported for KPolice to consider PROSECUTION if on public area as too many DEATHS FROM PRIOR COLLAPSES EVEN THIS YEAR. Had scaffolders employed by meridian membranes NOT COMPETENT, scaffold poles DROPPED THROUGH 2 WINDOW SILLS, metal door knob SHEERED OFF ETC ETC they employed not me as subcontractors ALSO M.M ran cable from unsafe Electrics out of window to use without permission & insecure over several night when operatives left. M.M. refuse to explain or CHECK A TRADE INVESTIGATION UNRESPONDED TO SURPRISE! £15k Paid cash as demanded though.

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