Appeal to identify Ramsgate graffiti vandal

Do you recognise this man?

Thanet council’s enforcement team is appealing to the public to help identify a graffiti vandal who used spray paint at several locations along Ramsgate seafront.

The man is captured on CCTV leaving the tag Cook on street furniture opposite The Royal in the early hours of October 5.


TDC Enforcement says: “TDC CCTV captures another graffiti vandal who targeted Ramsgate seafront in several areas early hours 5th October.

“We’d like the public’s help to identify this criminal seen pointlessly tagging COOK. If you can confirm his identity, contact [email protected] in confidence.”


  1. Why is this paint still sold? At one time it was used to touch up scratches if a car had a scrape, so I expect they can be bought on line, or at a garage? Its time to ban spray paints, because these numpties use them to commit anti-social behaviour, and criminal damage! There is an ally between Upper Dumpton Park Road, and Boundary Road, Ramsgate that was not so long ago repainted after being spray painted. It didn’t last long, it has been done again, with meaningless daubs!

    • We all use spray paints for various reasons, all legal. Why should we be punished for the actions of a few idiots?

        • nothing, this isn’t a huge crime, stop blindly following the police’s shallow attempts at quota filling.

          Just think of the extra tax and time this has cost to start an investigation, get CCTV footage, write up reports and send out this appeal… over a tag.

          Pigs would love for you to believe that they’re doing the rights thing but really their pulling the wool over your eyes mate.

      • Totally agree with you Dave, ban stupid people, that have fantastic ideas about banning paint, and also those who suggest interviewing local chefs. Wonder how many chefs that would be? Would make a lot of enemies accusing and interviewing each one.

  2. That bike that this cretin is using is of a very old style and should be easy to spot. It would tend to indicate an older man although not necessarily, of course.
    If caught he should be made to clean up ALL graffiti in Ramsgate, whether his or not. Should take a while and teach him a lesson not to be forgotten.

    • Just seen the actual video. It’s not his bike!!
      He came by car so that shouldn’t be so hard to find especially as he would have passed other CCTV cameras on his getaway.

    • That old bike with flat tyres was abandoned there a year ago. TDC have not yet removed it to be scrapped.

  3. When they catch the moron make him clean up the mess while the public stand by and laugh at him, HUMILIATION WORKS WONDERS!.

  4. The trouble is that the morons who do this don’t see anything wrong with it.
    I wonder how they would feel if somebody spray painted their property or possessions. They would probably call that “mindless vandalism”!

  5. It’s not just the seafront. There’s so much graffiti around and nothing being done to deal with it. I’m sure there are people around who know who the culprits are. Time to shop ’em I think

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