Cereal winners at Upton Junior School

Pupils created new cereals

Forget the frosties, cancel the cornflakes – children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs have dreamed up a range of new tasty treats to start the day.

The Year 6 pupils were set a task to create, brand and advertise their own breakfast cereal.

This was the brief they were asked to follow: “You have been approached by a major food producer within the UK to help them design and promote a new healthy range of breakfast cereal aimed at children. It must contain less than 4per cent fat and must have less than 1 gram of sodium and 10 grams of sugar per portion to keep within the recommended daily allowances.”

All of the year group classes took part and they came up with an interesting range of ideas and brands. They then had to pitch their ideas in a marketing promotion to their classmates.

Suggestions included Rainbow Drops (with a free toy), Oat and Berry Balls, Carrot Bites, Fruit-Ito, Fruit Flakes, Fruity Pebbles, Crocos, Fruity Fire, and many more.

Here is the advertising pitch for Rookie Rumble: “Do you want a healthy but delicious cereal? Then you should try Rookie RRR…Rumble. It is cherries and strawberries inside an oat cookie. Try Rookie Rumble…Cookie crumble, it’s two of your five a day!”

The project was part of a ‘healthy bodies’ week delivered by Upton’s Personal PSHE stands for Personal, Social, Health and Economic education team (PSHE) which focussed on wellbeing, feeling safe and safe, and being successful.

Head of Year 6 Athanasia Papa-Adams said: “The classes and their teachers really embraced the challenge. They thought through the requirements for a healthy and nutritious breakfast and then set about devising artwork, tag lines and slogans to promote their creation. The result was a wide range of interesting and different ideas.”

Head of School Darci Arthur added:” There were some great suggestions from our pupils in this fun challenge centred on our PSHE curriculum.

“The work and research reinforced their learning about healthy and a balanced diet, as well as using their creative skills in art, design, and encouraging teamwork and communication.”

The verdict was that all the creations were good enough to eat, demonstrating that this Upton project produced some true cereal winners.