New Chilton house captains go on film with video newsletter project

Chilton house captains

There’s a special extra task in hand for the newly-elected Year 6 house captains at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate – in front of the cameras.

The eight-strong group will present a video version of the fortnightly school newsletter together with Head of School Kate Law.

It will contain latest news, views and information and will be filmed for sharing with pupils and parents via the school’s online streaming.

Mrs Law said: “We are impressed with this year’s house captains who I am sure will be fine ambassadors for Chilton. The video newsletter is a new addition to their duties this year and it will help us communicate in a direct and positive way to our families.”

As part of the election process for the roles, candidates had to write a speech outlining why they felt they were suitable for the position.

In a presentation to their classmates they explained their ideas on what it takes to be a school leader and how they would fulfil their duties, with the accent very much on important qualities such as respect, responsibility and good manners.

In a democratic and anonymous voting process, children and adults then cast votes for who they believed should get the roles.

The elected captains for 2020-21 are: Normans – Ava and Luke; Saxons – Elsie and Deniz; Romans – Finley and Richie; Vikings – Evie and Anna.

They will also head up the Junior Leadership Team which is a group of children that has a number of roles throughout the school.

These include working on action points that they design for school improvement; collecting and tallying house points and presenting these in online assemblies each Friday; leading school and sporting events in the future.

The children were all thrilled to be elected. Finley said he was “looking forward to presenting house points,” while Deniz added that she is “excited about the job as it is a very important one in the school.”

As role models for the other pupils, the house captains will also ensure that children’s suggestions, ideas and concerns are heard through regular discussions with staff.

Head of School Kate Law said: “Our house captains are extremely valuable young leaders in our school and they have some important work to do this year.

“They have pivotal roles with children of all ages and with the staff. I am looking forward to working with them and wish them every success.”