Appeal for witnesses after Ramsgate attack leaves man in hospital

Image Kent Police

An appeal for information is being made following an attack which has left a Ramsgate man in hospital with injuries including a suspected broken nose and eye socket.

The 20-year-old victim was walking through Ramsgate town to meet a friend at around 6.15pm today (September 13) when he was attacked by a stranger in Harbour Street.

He is currently at QEQM Hospital.

An appeal has been made for any witnesses to get in contact. Officers are keen to speak to a man described as white, of slim build, with a black T-shirt with a triangle on it, a grey hoodie and ripped jeans, who is believed to have been in the area at the time.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 6.30pm on Sunday, September 13 following a reported assault in Harbour Street, Ramsgate. A man had been taken to a local hospital for treatment.

“Officers are investigating the incident, which is believed to have happened shortly after 6pm. Witnesses, or anyone who has information, is asked to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/164043/20.”

You can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555111 or using the anonymous online form.


  1. Bloody disgusting yobs in Ramsgate are ruining the area for everyone. This has happened too many times in this vicinity by various violent yobs. It all went quiet when the pubs were closed so has that a bearing on this. Can people not take drink without it affecting their brains into becoming violent? There are CCTV cameras in the area so hopefully the police have taken a look to see what happened. At this time of day there would have been dozens of people milling about so they should come forward too to say what the have seen if they have any morals.
    This poor lad Jaime, I hope he recovers soon and continues into his career away from ramsgate. I have a similar aged lad who was beaten up by a group of thugs in ramsgate spending a week in QEQM recovering from fractures and heavy bleeding around his face18 months ago. His attackers were never caught depite CCTV evidence available to the police.

  2. Appalling behaviour to an innocent victim. What is wrong with the youths in Ramsgate! More policing is needed in this area to stop further violence happening. I really hope this young man makes a full recovery and continues in his career.

  3. Ask the door staff at the goose!! 🙄 Useless, all of them plus the CCTV. Hope u recover soon and find the scumbags that caused this and then for you to go on and do your dream career.

  4. There needs to be more police policing the High Street. Ramsgate has turned into a bad place to go to, attacks all the time. Where are the police?

  5. Please stop exaggerating. There are not “attacks all the time” and for most people Ramsgate is not “a bad place to go to”.

    • Marva, knowing the lad and having the same thing happen to recently, whilst sitting at a table in a bar only last month. There is a significant problem in Thanet fullstop! Whether the people are actually from Thanet or local to the area this should not happen.
      So take you head out of the sand and start living in the real world!

      Speedy recovery Jamie and you will be fit to go for your training again very soon

    • Try telling the young man assaulted to stop exaggerating with a fractured nose and cut eye and significant bruising. What a stupid comment.
      People like you who make trivial of these kind of things are disgusting. Let’s hope you never get assaulted.

    • Marva Rees, nobody is exaggerating over something like this. We all know of someone (me personally) or have read in the papers of violent beatings by thugs in and around the high street and harbour street. There has been some life threatening incidents there and teo almost died so please don’t belittle it when people come forward to express their feelings.

  6. It’s always the bloody town area ramsgate is the bloody pits.i wouldn’t dare tread ramsgate at dusk you really take your life in your hands.hope this young man makes a speedy recovery.than

  7. This is why I moved away from Ramsgate two years ago. Ramsgate is not a nice place anymore. Lived there for 47 years, it’s now under mob rule….. this will happen again and again

  8. Your not going to do f*** all, when someone I know was attacked you was given cctv evidence and even officers said they recognised the attacker and knew who it was but they never pushed further. Disgraceful waste of time, stop pleading for people to help when you are not going to pull your finger out.

    • So the answer is don’t ask for help ????

      Let it go unreported ????

      Can understand a sense of injustice but to suggest you don’t report a crime is stupidity.

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