Search organised for missing dog thought to have been struck by a car

A search for Tia

Volunteers from the Missing Dogs and Strays in Thanet group are organising a search for a Boxer/Mastiff cross which has possibly been hit by a car.

The young female dog called Tia went missing four days ago. The last possible sighting was on August 22 at around 5am in Meregate. It is thought Tia may have been hit by a vehicle in Tivoli Park Avenue, Margate.

Volunteers will gather at  Hartsdown Park at 6.30pm tomorrow (August 26)  by the basket ball courts in All Saints Road.

They say Hartsdown Park needs ruling out before focusing on other areas.

If you join the search please wear appropriate clothing, you may get stung, and bring some kind of stick you can check an area properly.

If Tia is spotted people are asked not to chase or grab but note the location and direction the dog is heading in.

Any sightings can be reported by calling 07493 447 745.

Find the Tia is missing information page here


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