Thanet teens on a mission to support LGBTQ+ community

Thanet youngsters on NCS programme

Ten Thanet teenagers have created a video, mural and posters in a bid to raise awareness for the isle’s LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (or questioning) and others) community.

The teens, aged 15-17, completed the action as part of the National Citizen Service scheme. Young people on the scheme gain independence, develop skills for their CV, make new friends and participate in something worthwhile and impactful for the community.

Team member Georgia said: “We are a group of young people doing a social action project to bring awareness towards the discrimination of those identifying within the LGBTQ+ community:

“Our team has created a short video explaining what we are about and why we are doing this specific subject.

“It is to make people feel comfortable if they do come out and explains what you should not say or do. We also made posters and we are going to stick them inside shops to spread the awareness even further.

“Our team came up with a design to put on a mural for LGBTQ+ and this will help people to feel welcomed into the LGBTQ+ community and for them to express themselves and to be proud in who they are and speak freely with confidence.

“We would like our project to make a big impact within the community, showing that people from every background people should and shall be accepted. This is why we have incorporated the BLM logo in the mural as a reflection of the discrimination of other minority groups.”

Each summer NCS, a government funded programme, delivers a programme for 16 and 17 year olds to develop their skills, make new friends and make an impact in their local community. Although the Covid 19 outbreak has meant the full programmes with outdoor activity residentials and stays at university halls to develop life skills have been halted, NCS has created a short 2 week Keep Doing Good Programme.

Keep Doing Good has been an opportunity for smaller groups of young people to take part in skills based activities and donate volunteering hours through designing their own project to benefit their local community.

In Thanet there were two teams of young people who have worked together to create two projects.

Kerry Boyd, NCS Programme Coordinator, said: “The young people have developed so much over such a short amount of time having gone from being a group where nobody knew each other except one or two to come together and bond over their project.

“During their first week, the young people took part in a variety of sessions including debates, community exploration and tackling societal issues.”

Ingeus is the local provider for NCS in the South East. For more information about NCS and the KDG programme please head to


  1. Well done them. Our sexuality should not be of anyone else’s concern we are what we we should not feel any reason
    to ever question it. Well done.

    • If you are what you are fine but please don’t tell everyone about it because most people do not care, and I for one am fed up with people thinking they are being discriminated against whether they are black white green or pink who cares

  2. Neither should the Lgbt agenda be rammed down our throats by a tiny scion of the population when it is illegal to say anything against it. Bring back free speech.

    • So you want free speech so that you can use hate speech and oppress minorities? But you don’t want minorities to have free speech to ask to not be oppressed by miserable bigots like you? Get in the sea, gammon.

      • Granny garden, calling someone Gammon is just as derogatory and can also be classed as a racially comment. It would appear you are also a bigot spreading hate speech.

          • Granny, You used a derogatory term that is considered by many as racist. Hate speech is hate speech no matter what colour or minority group you you identify with.

          • Being over-privilieged, incompassionate and willfully ignorant, whilst fuming about oppressed people seeking recognition and acceptance isn’t a race.

          • Granny, you too are showing yourself to be wilfully ignorant and racist. Coming from a minority does not excuse blatant racism and bigotry

            Racists and Bigots who spread hate can be white, black, gay, straight, from the majority or from minorities. Minority groups also need to held accountable for racist and bigoted behaviour .

          • Just repeating what I say isn’t an argument 🤣
            Why are you so mad that some kids wanted to support LGBTQ folk? Intolerant folk (such as Gordon.. I don’t know or care if you are Gordon) aren’t entitled to tolerance and not tolerating them doesn’t make me intolerant.

      • Granny, you are seriously deluded and clearly a bigoted racist You have used racist derogatory terminology to describe someone you presume is a middle aged white male. Being racist against white people is also a hate crime.

        You might be from a minority group but racist bigoted behaviour is still unacceptable no matter who spouts it. I’m not mad that kids want to support the LGBTQ movement, I’m mad that ignorant minority racists and bigots such as yourself believe they have the right to be racist because they are in the minority. Contrary to what you might believe, racists come from all Ethnic groups.

        When you live in a glass house you Shouldn’t throw stones.

        • Lol… clearly you are the victim in this. You are the oppressed and we stand with you.
          But remember.. you were the one that was upset about some kids making a video supporting other kids.

          So.. into the sea with you. (Also..when was your race ever mentioned?)

          • I was not upset with kids making a video.I am just disgusted by your racist terminology (GAMMON a derogatory and racist word used against white people)). Being a minority does not give you the right to be racist or spread hate speech. Your divisive attitude is no better than the people you accuse of oppressing you.

  3. The use of the word ‘queer’ when referring to sexual preferences was taboo just a few years ago and would elicit the wrath of the heavens if uttered within earshot of the sensitive. So what happened, and what does it actually refer to these days? Serious question, don’t want to get it wrong.

    • When you use it as a slur, it’s bad. If someone identifies as being queer then that’s up to them.
      One is allowed and able to do basic ‘research’ and treat others with ‘dignity’ by not being ‘awful’.

  4. Is there no link available to the video mentioned?

    Kids who are identified as a minority because of their sexuality need to feel included not pushed away. Try and find a way or just stay silent, but please don’t be negative towards them as that can effect them psychologically and leave them unhappy with their lives for years, sometimes all their life. Nobody asks to come into this world as a minority group so please learn to accept. Every child and adult has a right to feel loved and happy with themselves. Don’t take that away with ignorance and prejudices.

    Good luck with the courses.

  5. Many years ago in university 250 students were asked if they were stranded on a desert island for a year and there were only people of the same sex on the island did they think that they would have sex with another person whilst on the island. 250 said they would. Because 100% said they would another to test was carried out on another 250 students who were asked the same question again the response was the same. That test was in the 1960s

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