Crews called to out of control bonfire in Ramsgate

Fire at Haine Road Photo Tyrone Keen

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to an out of control bonfire in a yard on Haine Road, Ramsgate, last night (August 18).

Two crews attended at 5pm and arrived to find a large amount of waste alight including wood, tree waste, grass and pallets.

Crews used hose reel jets and coldcut firefighting system to reach the deep seated pockets of fire to extinguish the blaze. The fire created a large amount of smoke in the area around Westwood Cross.

Duty of care was left with the land owner. Crews finished at the scene at 5.50pm.

Firefighters are urging anyone thinking about having a bonfire to be responsible and to use local recycling centres before considering burning waste. If people choose to have a bonfire thet are asked to be considerate of safety and the local neighbourhood.

Build your bonfire well away from buildings, garden sheds, fences, and hedges.

Keep it to a manageable size and evenly built so that it collapses inwards as it burns.

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