Increased police patrols for beaches and public spaces

Beach patrols Photo Frank Leppard

Increased police patrols will be taking place in public spaces and on beaches over the coming days to help remind people about social distancing advice, deter illegal mass gatherings and deal with any associated crime and disorder.

Forecasts for the weekend predict some wet weather for the county but Kent Police will be having an increased presence to make sure those who do venture out do so responsibly.

The measures come on the heels of a disturbance in Greatstone following a large gathering on the beach last Sunday (August 9) where four officers suffered minor injuries due to bottles being thrown at them.

Assistant Chief Constable of Kent Police, Nikki Faulconbridge said: “As we continue to investigate a disturbance in Greatstone, those planning mass gatherings are warned to think again and seriously consider the detrimental impact these can have on the communities they are held in as well as the health risks in the current Covid-19 context.

“I also want the people of Kent to be assured that Kent Police will do everything it can by working with partner agencies such as local councils and other police forces to minimise the impact large gatherings can have on our communities.

“Any gatherings found to be illegal will be dealt with robustly and officers continue to monitor the situation across the county.

“The majority of people are following the Government advice but we will engage with those fail to do so, explain the guidelines and encourage them to adhere to them.”


  1. So, after weeks of people ignoring the social distancing on our beaches, the police will be “reminding” them of the rules. What a joke! Conveniently the forecast is for rain this weekend. Phew, that’s a relief, the police won’t have to carry out any reminders. No respect from most of our visitors, no enforcement from the police. What’s new!?

  2. Can someone please inform the police and beach inspectors where Westgate’s West Bay is? A couple of days ago a camper van that has been here all summer set up there barbeque in the ROAD! The tarmac is now a mess, but we’re lucky a car didn’t go up in flames.

  3. When it was scorching hot, beach inspectors and security, were patrolling, despite nobody ever seeing them.

    When the forecast is rain, we can expect a police presence.
    The photo is a great reminder of what patrolling police look like, I will be watching, to see if I can spot any.

  4. Margate is a mess this morning. The harbour arm is covered in broken glass. The whole pace looks dirty and smells. Not just the seaweed. Margate was recently voted best looking seaside town. Is amazing

  5. What a weak , ineffective Police Force we have in Kent . Too frightened for idiotic political correctness reasons to act when needed , and not supported by idiot judges who do not impose big enough penalties against those that infringe.

  6. The gangs coming to Thanet beaches on the trains is out of control. Fights, threatening behavior, drinking from a glass bottle then throwing as far as they can.The language is F this and C that!! This is unbelievable. Why on earth do we need security on beaches.we shouldn’t!! But these teenagers are Lawless.. I was sat on a beach with my family this week and what I witnessed was discusting. I won’t be venturing to a main beach again.. One word “Ferrel”!

    • I was also on the main sands this week and saw the security deal with a group of teenagers that were being anti social, The group were soon moved on back to the train station
      The fact of the matter is we have lovely beaches and they will always be a mecca or visitors from out of town.
      Think of the days we had the beanos every weekend, The only difference being we didnt have social media to vent our views

  7. I walked along the promenade at Margate main sands today (Friday), I saw a woman walking her dog, running off the lead, on the sand. I watched along with many onlookers, as it messed on the beach, with no attempt by the lady to clean it up. Why does TDC have any rules, and regulations? Many people don’t abide by the rules, and as usual, there is nobody to enforce them. People are just laughing at this powerless council.

  8. Which solution do people want?
    Longer sentences? But the criminals have to be caught first and , with 20,000 fewer Police around since the end of the last Labour government, they are less likely to get arrested.
    Votes have consequences. For over ten years , we have had Tory governments. As a result, the number of police officers has declined and the number of local Police stations has plummeted.
    The last Labour government introduced IPPs (Imprisonment for Public Protection sentences). Under that law , suitable repeat violent offenders were sent to prison INDEFINITELY until they had satisfied the authorities that they could be released,under conditions.
    The Tories abolished IPPs as they were not willing to fund the expansion in prison places , and the provision of re-education schemes in prison, that would be required to make them work.
    There was then a rash of unexpected releases of violent offenders that many thought had gone away for decades!

    But I bet that there are still millions of people who vote Tory thinking they will get a “crackdown on crime” or “tougher sentences” or ” more police officers on the beat” or, even, “less political correctness in the Courts” or any of the other empty slogans we hear.
    The Tories have had over ten years to bring about this law abiding society they boast of, and it is just getting worse.
    So it’s a bit cheeky of Tory voters to complain about how badly run Britain is. They have been running it for years!

  9. Brilliant timing. This will be like when Thanet Council announce that they have finally got control of the beach chaos in November,

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