Ramsgate burglar who stole Beatles memorabilia and designer bags is jailed

JAILED: Keiran Wade

A Ramsgate burglar who stole collectable Beatles merchandise and designer handbags while on licence for  other offences has been jailed for more than four years.

Between  September 13 and November 20, 2019, Keiran Wade burgled three properties, in Waverley Road, Margate, Charollais Close, Canterbury, and Broadstairs Road, Broadstairs.

He stole numerous items from two of the houses, with items ranging from jewellery and sunglasses to a set of original Beatles programmes and a Prada handbag.

During the burglary in Canterbury, he was disturbed by the victim returning home and so left empty-handed before he could be seen.

Wade was arrested after staff at a jewellery store became suspicious when he tried to sell on a Rolex watch. He also had the stolen designer bags with him and when officers searched his car, they found the Beatles merchandise.

The patrols recovered some trainers, which matched footprints found at the scene of the burglary in Waverley Road. Wade was also found in possession of a black bag which had a rubber trim that had caused unusual black markings on the walls of two of the properties.

Following an investigation by the Chief Constable’s Crime Squad, 40-year-old Wade was charged with the three burglaries which he admitted in court.

Wade, of Alma Road was sentenced to four and a half years when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on July 21.

Investigating officer DC Sarah Copeland said: “Keiran Wade was on licence at the time of these burglaries and is, as the judge said, a career criminal who makes his living by breaking into other people’s homes.

“What Wade doesn’t seem to realise is that he steals things which are greatly loved by the owners and are irreplaceable if lost, such as the Beatles programmes.

“I hope the public can feel reassured that he is now off the streets and won’t be able to offend further.”



  1. The sentence is about right for the crime but why do vicious thugs who violently attack people receive shorter sentences ? I have never understood why crimes against money or possessions seem to result in longer jail terms.

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