Turner Contemporary hosts People Dem Collective exhibition

People Dem Collective at Turner Contemporary Image People Dem Collective

The organisers of the Black Lives Matter marches in Thanet are now staging an exhibition at Turner Contemporary.

People Dem Collective headed up the anti-racism marches in June, which were attended by some 4000 people.

Opening today (August 1) and running until September 6, the immersive exhibition will include a film showing the  marches, more than 100 banners from the protests, as well as a large wall hanging including the names of those who have died while in dealings with police in the UK.

Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to kneel for 8 minutes 46 seconds – the same amount of time that George Floyd was filmed in the US as he died while an officer knelt on his neck.

Image People Dem Collective

People Dem Collective ran two peaceful protest marches across Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs organised in solidarity with the global protest movement following the killing of George Floyd.

People Dem Collective is a community group based in Margate which aims to being about systematic change, promote healing and continue the work of their ancestors.

Members of their leadership team are from Black, Brown and Diaspora (people of cultural heritage other than the place they were born) communities in Thanet. The collective was born out of experience of lack of space, engagement and inclusion for Black, Brown and Diaspora communities

Image People Dem Collective

The group is working towards setting up the People Dem Collective Cultural Centre on Margate seafront, which will be open to all the communities of and visitors to Margate. Visitors will be taught Black, Brown and Diaspora British  history and identity.

On Tuesday (August 4) People Dem Collective is organising Projections on Walls which can be seen on a number of town landmarks

The Turner Contemporary exhibition will take place in the Clore Learning Studio.

Image People Dem Collective

Also showing at Turner Contemporary this summer: We Will Walk – Art and Resistance in the American South and Barbara Walker Place, Space and Who.

Turner Contemporary will be open until September 6, operating Wednesdays to Sundays, 10am – 5pm. Visitors must now book a slot to be able to attend. Entry is free.

You can find out more information about the gallery’s new safety procedures and book free slots by heading to turnercontemprary.org


    • I agree completely, it’s political correctness gone mad, and then some.
      When Picasso painted Guernica he wasn’t thinking about scoring ‘woke points’ on twitter, he was a gifted artist doing what God put him on the earth to do. just another sign that the liberal leftie loony left wing have taken over are culture.

  1. I am surprised the Turner is encouraging this highly emotive subject what happened in the USA was not our business.i fully understand there feelings about the whole thing not everyone is racist this should never have happened in the past looking at history in their homelands there own enslave their own.Fact.

  2. From the 7th September can l have a part of the turner to display
    ALL LIVES MATTER photos etc,l bet the answer would be no

  3. Visitors to the exhibition will be invited to kneel for 8 minutes 46 seconds !!!
    Don,t All Lives Matter !

  4. Pandering yet again to its core market – the right-on, woke, arty liberals. But you can’t blame them – it’s a policy that’s worked so far, as the grants have continued to pour in, whatever the deprivation elsewhere.

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