View Thanet Schools’ Young Artist Festival exhibition online

12+ winner Louie Llewellyn from Art4All

The Margate School has hosted this year’s annual Thanet Schools Young Artist’s Festival.

This is the 11th year of the art event organised by the Margate Rotary Club with the support of many volunteers and more than 40 local schools, reaching around 20,000 pupils.

Margate Rotary Club founded the festival in 2010 following an article in a Rotary magazine, the aim was simple, to give the school children of Thanet a platform to show their artistic skills to the general public, at no cost to the schools except in school time.

By Reuben Young Gadd

Initially only six schools responded out of 54 in Thanet. However, from 2016 to the present the annual festival has been held at Sainsbury’s Westwood and has grown to 49 out of 54 schools and colleges taking part. Last year there were almost 40,000 visitors during the festival week.

Due to Covid-19 this year’s entrants were presented as a digital archive and winners were selected, judged and showcased in The TMS Cloud Gallery.

By Quentin

The planned exhibition will not be able to take place in Sainsburys at Westwood this year but will now be presented between September 24-28 in the Primark building in Margate High Street.

Thanks have been given to The Margate School, Margate Rotary Club, the talented children and all the volunteers who made this possible in challenging times.

Find the gallery at

​Top prizes

Age Group 4/5 yrs

1st Quentin St Lawrence College Junior School

2nd Aliza F Chilton Primary School

3rd Winnie Turner Ellington Infants

6/7 yrs

1st Jasper C Chilton Primary School (pictured)

2nd Danny White St Joseph’s Primary School

3rd Iris Hooper Minster C of E Primary School

7 yrs

1st Daisy W St Peter’s Junior

2nd Amelia C St Saviours

3rd Carter Moore Newington School

8/9 yrs

1st Ophelia Newlands Primary School

2nd Bethany Drapers Mills

3rd Mia S Palm Bay Primary School

10/11 yrs

1st River Brett Newington

2nd Madelyn Porter Salmestone

3rd Chloe Keel Haddon Dene

3rd Sabrina St Lawrence College Junior School


1st Louie Llewellyn Art4All

2nd Marie Harper Great Oaks

3rd Adrijus Cerniauskas Kent Talents Art Studio


1st Lauren Pointer Royal Harbour

2nd Katie Green Royal Harbour

Most Promising Artist

Daisy W – St.Peter’s

SEN-Most promising Artist

Honey May- Foreland Fields Aged 7 years