Emergency services attend helicopter crash off Thanet Way

The helicopter came down at Herne Bay Photo Debbie Smith

Emergency services have attended a helicopter crash off the Thanet Way today (July 26).

Kent Police was contacted at 10.05am and notified that a helicopter had carried out an emergency landing in a field near Heart in Hand Road, Herne Bay.

Officers are attending the scene along with partner agencies. No serious injuries have been reported.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was also called out “to reports of a helicopter crash in the vicinity of A299 Thanet Way and Heart In Hand Road.”

A spokesperson said: “Thankfully there was no fire or persons trapped, so crews were able to make the scene safe while paramedics provided care to the pilot and passengers.”

All those aboard are safe. They had been due to land at Maypole airfield in Hoath.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been informed.


  1. It’s good they have all survived, but this should remind people that things do drop out of the sky, include cargo planes. We have never had an emergency plan for a major aircrash in Thanet since I last asked a few years ago.

  2. Clare, and Andrew do you want a spoon so you can scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit more. There is no form of transport that has not crashed at some time or other. But you will be pleased to know that air travel is the safest form of travel in the world, including cargo planes. Also Manston Airport had one of the safest recorded levels of emergency landings in the U.K. I’m pleased no one was seriously hurt in this crash.

    • Anne, I agree with all you say except I would call it plumbing the depths of the sewers to make their points.
      It was a helicopter accident and nothing to do with Manston, perhaps an inquiry about the health of the occupants would have been a caring thing to do instead of using it to further their own ends.
      Some people, eh?
      I wonder what form of transport all these whingers use to go on holiday?

      • The article says “no serious injuries”.

        Since you ask, Ton, though not a whinger, if I go on holiday, I go by train.

  3. A passenger aircraft flew into a flock of geese in New York a few years ago, soon after take off, and managed to crash land in the Hudson River safely. It was lucky the river was there! So what would happen if a cargo plane flew into a flock of seagulls as it approached over Ramsgate Harbour, at just 300 meters!

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