Extra police patrols to take place in Margate this weekend

Kent Police stock image (@kentpolicethan)

Kent Police officers will be carrying out extra patrols in Margate this weekend following reports of ‘altercations’ over the last few weeks.

Officers will use stop and search as one method to keep the public safe, tackle anti-social behaviour and crack down on county lines drug dealing.

In a Thanet Police tweet officers said: “We will continue with planned ops like these to disrupt crime.”

Since easing of lockdown restrictions last month there have been numerous reports of large gatherings and brawls, mainly in Margate and Broadstairs.

On May 30 numerous police were in attendance when a disturbance erupted nears the steps by The Parade with officers attempting to contain a large number of people.

Two arrests were made. A 19-year-old woman from Margate was issued with a £90 penalty notice for being drunk and disorderly in a public place and a 17-year old male, also from Margate, arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker, was released under investigation.

On Tuesday Thanet police officers dispersed three large groups of people at Viking Bay and Margate beach.

Officers on patrol in Broadstairs came across a group of about 40 teenagers who had travelled to Viking Bay from Medway. Officers seized a large quantity of alcohol and directed the group to leave the area.

On the same day, officers in Margate responded to reports of a disturbance at the Main Sands.  It was reported that two people had been involved in a fight.

When officers attended they engaged with both parties who declined any police involvement. Two groups, of approximately 10 people who had travelled from North Kent, were directed to leave the area.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “In liaison with the local authorities who have responsibility for the management of beaches, parks and other locations across the county, officers will continue to engage with anyone found in breach of the restrictions, to explain why they are necessary and to encourage them to comply. Enforcement will only be used as a last resort.”

Teen arrest

On Wednesday (June 3) a 15-year-old boy was arrested for carrying nunchucks – a martial arts weapon of two sticks connected by a short chain.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers on patrol in Margate on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3 spoke to a group of people on the Harbour Arm shortly after 2pm.

“A bag found next to where the group was standing was searched and a 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.”

Kent Police says the extra patrols are not related to the planned Black Lives Matter protest in Margate on Sunday (June 7). A plea was made during the government coronavirus briefing today for people not to attend gatherings due to the risk of virus transmission. Deaths in the UK attributed to Covid have now passed 40,000.


    • Imagine the police would be trying to keep as far away from them as possible-especially since the national & certainly the US media are painting them as murderers & ‘fair game’ to be attacked by these mobs.

  1. Hope they will also carry rubbish bags with them as sick of seeing people leaving the rubbish on beaches, dont they realise that the tide comes in and washes it out to sea it polutes the sea, please – please take it home or place in bins provided, oh and no barbecues its a beach not a back garden

  2. There has been a plea by Matt Hancock on the daily briefing for people to not attending marches and mass gatherings at the weekend.
    I hope people pay heed to the message.

  3. Black lives matter protest should NOT be allowed, the heath secretary has explained the reasons.
    Those who take part in protest marchers are just being selfish in their actions to their families and loved ones and others. It was not UK police officers who killed a man in the USA . Can understand the Americans protesting.
    Over 40,000 people have died in the UK from the virus already how many more do these protesters want to die as a result of their actions.

  4. Concerned, you sound like you are more concerned about yourself than the safety of others. We are where we are so it’s no good blaming the government that it’s lifting the lock-down too soon if those in the protest groups or filling up the beaches are helping to spread the virus by there actions.

    • I think you need to lay off the alcohol Ann. I was referring to Tony’s post. Calling someone a pervert is slanderous. I think your confusing my post with someone else’s. Read every post I have written on this site and I am all for extending lockdown.

    • Seeing as the four cops were fired as soon as the video was seen, the one responsible was arrested within a week & charged with third degree murder, which has since been upgraded to second degree murder & the others are being dealt with none of these are legitimate protests-justice has & is being done. But of course this has nothing to do with justice & everything to do with wanting special treatment, being able to behave outside of the law, violence & going on the rob with no repercussions due to intimidation & fear from those in power of not wanting to be seen as politically incorrect-namely they cannot do their job or enforce rules because of the race card being played.

  5. Yes! Black lives matter…absolutely!!! But what about the lives that could be lost due to the spread of coved 19 as a result of these non social distanced mass gatherings to protest ……..do they matter too?

    • Of course not-because virtue signaling & playing the victim, while causing mayhem is all that matters to l large number of the people doing these things. The irony of BLM when we know that the BAME communities are at a higher risk of having serious complications & dying from this is of course lost on these people gathering in their thousands or tens of thousands. Because in reality they just want to get attention & cause chaos, it has very little or nothing to do with equality or justice.


  7. I have worn specs since I was 3 years of age. Kids at school as I was getting older, would say “what you looking at four eyes” my mother told me to tell the kids 4 eyes were better than 2., when that never worked my mother told me “ smack them in the mouth “ . So the next time anyone called me 4 eyes they got a slap or two. Sometime later in primary school
    One of my school friends a Jamaican boy, his mother was tragically killed in a road accident. My parents took him in and he lived with us until he relatives came over and he went back to live with them. Whilst he was living with us he told my mother he was being called names at school because he was black. My mother told him the same as me “ give them a slap if they call you names”. He found it worked well, the name calling soon stopped. Yesterday that same school friend retired as a GP after working as a doctor for 45 years. If everyone gave racist a slap there would be a lot less racist .

  8. I was stopped by thanet police 2 weeks ago, no gloves, no mask, no social distance…screaming for me to get out of the car, banging on my window for 20mins straight( couldn’t give me a reason other than I am a police officer, obey me!), I refused, they got bored jumped in car and drove off. Regular stuff for me, guess if I’m white or not. They only care about baba kebab

  9. That’s a good point someone made to do a body search the officer needs to get really close to the person being searched how on earth is this achievable during distancing ???

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