Groups dispersed in Broadstairs and Margate and teen arrested for ‘nunchucks’ weapon possession

Groups have gathered in Margate and Broadstairs

Thanet police officers dispersed three large groups of people at Viking Bay and Margate beach on Tuesday (June 2) and one 15-year-old arrested for carrying nunchucks – a martial arts weapon of two sticks connected by a short chain – yesterday.

On twitter Thanet police said: “Town Beat officers dispersed three large groups from Viking Bay and Margate main sands, none were from the local area. Sent packing with the proverbial sand flea in their ears.”

Officers on patrol in Broadstairs came across a group of about 40 teenagers who had travelled to Viking Bay from Medway. Officers seized a large quantity of alcohol and directed the group to leave the area.

On the same day, officers in Margate responded to reports of a disturbance at the Main Sands.  It was reported that two people had been involved in a fight.

When officers attended they engaged with both parties who declined any police involvement. Two groups, of approximately 10 people who had travelled from North Kent, were directed to leave the area.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “In liaison with the local authorities who have responsibility for the management of beaches, parks and other locations across the county, officers will continue to engage with anyone found in breach of the restrictions, to explain why they are necessary and to encourage them to comply. Enforcement will only be used as a last resort.”

The 15-year-old was arrested after officers spoke to a group gathered on the Harbour Arm.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers on patrol in Margate on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 3 spoke to a group of people on the Harbour Arm shortly after 2pm.

“A bag found next to where the group was standing was searched and a 15-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.

“He remains in custody.”


  1. It is difficult to believe that the group of some 30 numpties gathered on Margate beach were actually involved in some sort of Geco-Roman wrestling contest !

  2. You all comment but never regarding our freedom that has disappeared. The corona vitus has turned people into sheep. We should be demonstrating in our millions to end this new former Soviet East Bloc control system. Shame on you all.

  3. We need to start demonstrating in our millions to end this new social control that can only be compared to the former Soviet East Bloc. You’re all sheep and you have all been made to fear this ridiculous virus that is no more harmful than the influenza virus as confirmed by so many virologists. But you go on believing the lies from our leaders. Shame on you all.

  4. The security guards looking after Viking bay are 100 % making a difference. Thank goodness we have them,
    Keep up your great work guys

    • Yep, just goes to show the diferrencea professional presence can make, whilst they few real poowers they are able to watch what goes on have a word when needed and call the authorities if required, negates the need for police to patrol and if they do call they do so from an impartial professional perspective. I assume that they’ll have had training in dealing with the public and most importantly won’t be drunk like many on the beach.

  5. The recent events are appalling,plenty of early warnings for the authority’s to intervene.

    Some one has to take leadership and deal with the growing problems Thanet is experiencing.

    Who will want to holiday or visit Thanet when anti social behaviour is common,except the wanna be thugs of course.

    Its not to late to deal with local anti social behaviour !

    • You have to bear in mind that for many of the visitors coming here such behaviour is common place where they come from. I’ll never forget a conversation i had with a well to do DFL that had moved to cliftonville, the gist of which was

      “You think cliftonville is £&#t , you should see where i came from, kids can’t go out without a good chance of being mugged, you can’t walk with your phone on display, no jewellry or watches, sirens day and night, much nicer here”

      Everything is relative, just as the outlandish behaviour to those thatdisplay it is their normal. The game has been lost in other areas the chances of not losing it here are slim as its accepted elsewhere. Just look at the acceptance of drugs, junkies and dealers through out thanet , council and police have given up basically. Not their fault per se , its the way the country has gone and the result of the reforms of the criminal justice system along with a more left leaning society in respect of law and order..

      • I used to go to margate and clifftonville on holiday as a kid and just returned after 35years what a hole it is now cant belive how much its been let to just run down very dirty place

    • It’s the people visiting the beaches from out of the area that are causing all the chaos. If they can’t be respectful then police should stop them coming. I think there has been enough incidents to prove there should be a permanent police presence on the beaches for the time being, get them out of the offices I’m sure they will appreciate the fresh air. As for your nonsense up there talking about sheep! Go away your the problem and if you don’t like it that’s fine but don’t try and push your nonsense and civil unrest on others you should be ashamed of yourself! Anyways I’m sure you’ve probably got some memorial to graffiti.

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