Overflowing bins at Botany Bay – after volunteers clear 100kg of litter – lead to questions over adequate facilities

Bins overflowing at Botany last year Image Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate

These photos show the mess at Botany Bay – after volunteers had litter-picked more than 100kg of trash.

The Friends of Botany Bay and Kingsgate are questioning whether the bay has the facilities to cope with its many visitors.

The volunteers have been on regular cleaning patrols at the bay and have encouraged beach-goers to help with the task of keeping the area clean.

But yesterday (June 2) the volunteers left the bay clean and tidy at 7pm – only to find the bins overflowing again before morning crews from the council arrived.

The group posted: “Many say that Botany Bay does not have the infrastructure to cope with so many visitors. Especially when so many of them have little or no respect for the beach and local area.

“Volunteers collected over 100 kg of litter yesterday evening. This mess is from after we left at 7pm.

“Well done to the TDC workers who are confronted with this mess on a daily basis.”

Members have also issued an appeal for additional litter pick sticks.

They say: “We’ve given out a few in the community since the Covid (restrictions) preventing group litter picks and some have gone astray.”

The volunteers will continue with their daily clearance, and have received some help from residents and out of town beach visitors.

They said: “The unprecedented amount of litter being discarded on Botany Bay shows no sign of ending.

“Until a competent authority finds a way of solving this issue we will continue to meet daily at 5.30pm with litter pick equipment

“We’re more a drinking club with a litter picking problem than social crusaders – so let’s make a regular date of it, bring yourself, friends, good humour ……and perhaps a bottle of something.”

The litter pick ‘station’ is at the entrance to Botany Bay at bottom of Botany Road

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