Westgate mum and caterer due to publish debut book ‘The Rollercoaster of Life Poems’

Carole's first book is due to be published this month

A book containing poems written by Westgate mum-of-two Carole Thompson in 1990 and during the current lockdown period is due to be published this month.

Carole, under the author name Cee Tee, has penned 115 pieces in The Rollercoaster of Life Poems.

Carole, who is also director of Classy Creations catering company and manager for model daughter Stephanie, had written two award winning poems in 1990 while she was working as an au pair in Ohio.

These had been entered into a competition and both won places in the ‘World’s Best Poetry’ book of anthology.

The former Saga worker then collected poems over the years that randomly popped into her mind but it was during the pandemic restrictions that the entire book came to fruition.

Carole said: “I had a breakdown just after the Covid lockdown. I then got in touch with a friend of mine from the 529 Club for Film and Media Professionals which I, Stephanie and my son Michael – a film director- were invited to join in 2019.”

The friend was author and counsellor Phillip Chan, best known as the ‘10 Seconds Maths Expert.’

He gave her the idea and title for the book and encouraged her to get it written and published.

Carole, 50, said: “‘’I never thought in a million years that I would ever have the confidence to write a book and get it published, I unsure of what people would think of my poems or me.

“When I showed Phil my poems he got very excited and told me to put them into a book. That was just two weeks ago!

‘’He then connected me to an established publisher and I have secured the deal to have my books published and I am waiting to have the first copy in my hand.”

The book is a mixture of real life and fiction. There are issues raised of mental health and abuse victims as well as random snippets but all are life lessons.

Carole said: “For a long time I was nervous about sharing my poems publicly as I had only ever written them for myself as each one popped into my head at random. “But, after talking to Philip, I figured that if just one person has pleasure from reading my poems or that it in some way motivates someone to write their own poems or story, then the effort and anguish I went through would be all worth it. I want to encourage people to open their minds and face their fears, especially if they are in a toxic relationship.”

Carole is currently taking pre-orders for signed copies.

The book will also be available on Amazon or kindle later this month costing £18. plus postage and packaging.

For pre-order and a signed copy it is £15. plus postage and packaging., and can be ordered by messaging Carole on her Author Cee Tee facebook page.

Carole is now hard at work on her second book which will be autobiographical.

UPDATE: Now available on Amazon. Click here

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