Teen flees police in Broadstairs but ends up getting collared by former heavyweight boxer

All John wanted was to go home and have a nice bath but he ended up making a citizen's arrest

A teenager trying to flee police in Broadstairs yesterday (May 26) had an unfortunate run of luck after bumping into a passer-by who turned out to be a former heavyweight boxer.

Dad-of-four John McCormack had just finished a day of decorating and decided to walk to the shop near Broadstairs railway station to buy some Radox.

While he was in the store a teenage male grabbed a crate of beer and ran out of the door.

John, who is also boss of the Skip2Bfit business, said: “All I wanted was some Radox so I could go home, have a nice bath and relax. But while I was in the shop paying at the till this lad walked in, grabbed the beer and then sprinted past me out of the door.

“I just decided it was out of order and I was going to go and grab him. He ran towards the station but a bloke on the other side of the road sprinted after him. As I turned around another one was running up with the police behind him shouting for him to stop so I ran over the road and collared him. He tried to dodge me but it didn’t work.

“I just had to do something, it is getting ridiculous in Broadstairs now that Boris Johnson has told everyone they can come to the beach despite having no lifeguards or beach attendants.

“You can’t just walk in a shop and take something! Broadstairs is lovely but we  seem to get this ‘Medway madness’ every year and these guys were heading for the station so I don’t think they were local.

“I just want our town to be nice and for people to respect each other.”

Police were initially called to the High Street after reports of a fight.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 5.17pm to reports of a group of people fighting in Broadstairs High Street.

“Officers attended just as the group began to leave the scene and 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of theft from a shop and two boys aged 17 and 16 were arrested for being drunk and disorderly. All three have been released pending further enquiries.”


  1. Brilliant work John.

    Basil Milne couldn’t punch his way out of paper bag! He wouldn’t spa with me at boxing as he is very easily intimidated!!

    Nice bloke but should stick to tiddly winks or other safer board games!!

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