Litter-picking resident’s joy at newly installed public bin at memorial garden

Newly installed bin at Trinity Square

A public bin has been installed at the war memorial gardens in Margate following a plea from a resident.

Lynn Jackson has spent the last three weeks clearing rubbish and dog mess from the site in Trinity Square in an effort to keep it clean.

The seamstress then made an appeal to district councillor Rob Yates which has resulted in the new bin being installed.

She said: “I litter picked twice a week and the initial clean up was two large bags of rubbish my local refuse team took away. There were lots of tins and bottles. This week there was only one large bag, but there were signs of human faeces over the wall of Trinity Square car park.

“I logged the rubbish and the need for two bins initially on the Thanet council website. I posted on Facebook and a lovely lady suggested I email Cllr Robert Yates which I did and he said he would look into it. Yesterday a lovely Trinity Square resident messaged me to say the bin had been installed.”

Cllr Yates added: “I am very happy that the staff at Thanet District council have responded so quickly to this issue. I would like to personally thank Lynn for keeping the area clean and tidy. I hope residents with dogs will now use this new facility.”


  1. Well done Lynn however it’s like the rest of Thanet the feral kids will just keep throwing their litter and crap on the floor because it’s easier than walking to a bin.

    You only have to look at Thanet’s parks and beaches to see plenty of bins but litter everywhere other than in the bin. If it’s not glass beer bottles it’s metal NO canisters or empty fag packets.

    It’s not just the young kids littering our streets it’s also their young parents. There are now generations of Thanet’s families who think it’s ok to throw their crap on the floor. Thanet needs more enforcement officers and start prosecuting the people responsible for making Thanet look like a third world country.

  2. if all these people who complain about just about everything did what a few people today did in Dumpton lane Ramsgate and cleared rubbish etc our country would be a better place and if they were better citizens and also reported bad behavior and dodgy dealings which most people see from their windows that would help

    • My partner and I help litter pick my local park where I walk my dog. Every night I end up picking up countless glass beer bottles left behind by feral kids.

      As for your remark about reporting bad behaviour it’s simply not worth it in Thanet as the police do nothing about it. I and many other people down my street have reported to the police a young drug dealer, who has been openly dealing, his mum even lets the teenage junkies into her house, this has been going on for over a year. The police simply don’t care.

      The parents of the feral kids need to be prosecuted, perhaps if it started hurting their pockets they might a actually start parenting their out of control kids.

      Until people are made accountable for their actions they will continue doing whatever they want with no regard for anyone or anything else.

  3. Well done Lyn Jackson. Thanet needs a lot more rubbish bins that are emptied twice a day in the summertime months and less in the winter months. To pay for them the fines for dropping litter should be a minimum of £1,000 first offence. Anyone found to be emptying household domestic waste into the bins should be find a minimum of £5,000. I have often seen expensive cars / vans stopping at public waste bins and then stuff the public bins with there household waste. Because they cannot be bothered to use their wheely bins at their home address.

  4. Hi concerned yourself and Lynn are doing a great thing in clearing up the mess. I don’t think it is a case of the police not caring but a case of prioritising and the lad you are on about could be being watched to see who he gets it from and building a case up against him and his suppliers. I thought this was the case 17 years ago when a adult did 3 deals in our doorway and alley Nextdoor to us gave the police the video approximately 10 months later 15 people arrested all because of a little could always ask them what happened about the information you provided about the lad you will know by what is said to you the actions being taken. We both want all drugs off the streets.

    • Yes Chris , one will always get the small time drug seller on the streets , when they get caught they will only be replaced by a small time.The police do note these small time sellers but they want to catch the suppliers . This does take time sometimes months or a year . It took 2 years to catch a big drug gang back in 1999 . The longest sentence was 25 year but on appeal it was reduced to 9 and walked in 5 .

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