Fire crew called to aid of trapped seagull in Cliftonville

Seagull rescue Photo Phil Cutler

Firefighters were called to Cliftonville to help a seagull in a flap yesterday (May 24).

A fire crew was called to reports of the seagull trapped in a telephone cable above Edgar Road at around 5:39pm.

Crews used a height vehicle and small tools to rescue the bird, before passing it into the care of Kent Wildlife Rescue Service.

They had completed the rescue by 6.32pm.


  1. There appears to be two fire pump appliances shown in the photo as well as the cradle of the height vehicle.

    So we have three fire appliances and a dozen firefighters to deal with one seagull.

    I have great admiration, respect and appreciation for our emergency services but I do not feel this is best use of their time and resources!

  2. We are not superior to any living being.
    That living creature was suffering and needed help. Thankyou to our wonderful fire service for rescuing that poor helpless creature.

    • Just to point out that the fire appliances were built and staffed by humans, not seagulls; as was the mobile phone and network used to summon them, and the roads down which the fire engines travelled was built by humans, too.
      Please let me know how many recorded instances there are of seagulls coming to the rescue of humans in distress?

  3. Thankyou to our wonderful fire service for rescuing that poor bird in great distress.
    Well done, you did a great job!

  4. Good job it seems most of Thanet don’t care for the wildlife just there car parks ,and turning a blind eye to the drug and drink issues in the main towns

  5. Animals are some of the real victims on this earth, they didn’t declare war, they don’t have weapons and they don’t want to destroy humans or impose religion.
    Their only crime is that they exist in an ever more concreted , polluted world.
    If we are so clever and in some way superior then we have a collective and moral duty to care and help creatures more vulnerable than ourselves.
    We should not be so arrogant as to think that this planet belongs only to us.

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