Crews attend bin chute fire at Invicta House in Margate

Fire crews at the scene Photo Frank Leppard

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to reports of a fire in the bin chute of Invicta House in Margate last night (April 25).

Crews were called to the Millmead Road tower block at 7.04pm and discovered a small fire in a bin inside the bin chute storage room on the ground floor.

The fire was suppressed by the sprinkler system in the building, however light smoke from the small blaze had reached the 14th floor.

Photo Frank Leppard

Four fire engines and a height vehicle were sent to the scene. Firefighters used hose reel jets and a main jet to extinguish the fire. The fire is thought to have been accidental and it’s believed it was started by someone disposing cigarette butts that weren’t extinguished properly. There were no injuries.

Firefighters are urging everyone who smokes at home to make sure all smoking materials are fully extinguished before they’re thrown away. Poorly disposed cigarettes and tobacco often lead to fires that can have devastating consequences. For advice on smoking safely in your home please the KFRS website.


  1. Bin fire seems a theme last year here
    Do you really want people to burn alive who ever is continuing this crime needs to be caught.
    I don’t want to hear deaths were made by deliberate bin fires.

    I hope whoever did the spate of them last year gets caught. Show them what fire really means when they arrested for arson. Sick in the head you have to be to want to cause a fire.

  2. The council has to house whoever, and also people with mental health issues and this persistant fire bug issue must be someone with problems they are unable to deal with without professional help. Surely with cctv the council can pin down who it is and get the person some help or take action leading to eviction as they are endangering everyone living there.

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