Independent news sector excluded from government coronavirus public health campaign


The government has launched a public health campaign but there are many in our community that it will not reach  because Whitehall has not included independently owned community news publishers like The Isle of Thanet News.

The All in, All together campaign is a welcome response from the government to provide essential information about the coronavirus pandemic at this time. It is also a demonstration of the government’s support for the press.

However, unless you pick up a copy of a larger regional publisher or a national newspaper, you will not have heard about it.

The Isle of Thanet News is a member of the Independent Community News Network (ICNN), which is the official trade body for independent community news publishers. Together, we reach over 5million people online each month, and over half a million in print. This makes us part of the fourth largest news publishing organisation in the UK.

Organisations like ours are frontline key workers in this industry who are keeping our communities afloat with genuine, accurate and important information during this pandemic.

Sadly, we are also the news outlets most at risk from the current crisis.  Yet the Government has seen fit to exclude us from its public health campaign. And that means they have excluded our readers too.

 It is critical for public health that organisations like ours continue to give essential, verified and useful information to the communities we serve. Any public health campaign that does not include publications like ours is insufficient and is a dereliction of the government’s duty to communities at this time.

This is why we are calling for support to demand urgent action from the Government to include us in its public health advertising. We need this so that we can continue to bring you the valued and trusted news you have come to expect from us and rely on.

 Please share this article using the hashtag: #saveindependentnews.

*South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay has made an intervention on behalf of The Isle of Thanet News by emailing Penny Mordaunt, the Cabinet Minister responsible for this particular ad campaign, with our details and his concerns that we have not been included in the public campaign.

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  1. What a very shortsighted decision given your readership numbers. IOTN has real reach, engagement and impact in our community and is a trusted voice. I think we can all agree on that! I shall write to Penny Mordaunt, perhaps others would like to join in. Here is the email address

  2. I guess the government do not want us to read just how useless and incompetent they were in the run up to the lock down. This link will expose the truth?

    This government has a lot to answer for!

    It’s been a litany of missed ‘targets’ and missed opportunities to save lives, mainly based on British arrogance and exceptionalism, from those in power.

  3. Our government does too little too late and they are still acting that way while more and more people are losing their lives.
    With two or three MP’s and the Prime Minister himself having a good dose of the virus you would think the elitism would understand we are all in this together as it does not discriminate between rich and poor, then introduce a proper lockdown on the country keeping the deadly coronavirus of the streets where the fools recklessly dance with the devil then pass it on to others unknowingly. There are too many unnecessary people out there everyday in groups and no police action to enforce social distancing, so we can see the current voluntary lockdown continuing much longer than would be necessary. We as a country are already being accused of not taking the situation seriously enough by much of the world and it looks like we will have a higher total of people passing away from covid-19 than most others because of weak leadership.
    We need proper government control to save lives, not weak useless regulations that many are ignoring with no consequences taken.
    We also need our local newspapers so we can read information passed from government departments. What has happened here is a form of censorship on us.

  4. Sadly you voted for the party in control.
    Sadly there is a bigger picture
    Read event 201
    Read Agenda 21 and 2030. For starters.
    Sadly all governments are frauds

    Telling people to stay home when Jenrick went to his 3rd home.
    And Matt Hancock.

    In 2017 both Thanet Mps voted for Nurses pay to be capped. Whilst they earn now £89k and just been given £10k to stay at home.
    I will support Our Kathy n team she is our hero.. For giving us updates as a journalist x x x love you lots

    • The British electorate did NOT vote for Johnson to be Prime Minister, only a few Conservative party members did, about 50,000 if memory serves! Using public money to pay mainstream newspaper for public information, is just another way the Tories reimburse them for their loyalty at General Elections!

  5. I’ve given up watching the Daily Briefings. The stooges either lie (“there’s plenty of PPE”) or completely fail to answer the questions put to them.

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