Fire crews called to blazes at Dane Valley allotments

Fire crews at the scene

Emergency services have been called to fires at Dane Valley tonight (April 18)

Several sheds appear to be ablaze at the allotments. Four fire engines are currently at the scene.

Photo Alison McDonald

Sheds at the allotments were targeted multiple times in 2017 and 2018.

Photo Frank Leppard

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 7:41pm to a fire on Dane Valley Road, Margate. The fire was made up of four sheds/

“Crews used hoses to tackle the fire. The stop time for this incident was 8:40pm.”



  1. So sad for all these people that tend their little allotments. If this is arson shame on you

  2. Such a shame destroying what is a peaceful relaxing and enjoyable pastime for so many.Although not got one myself they are great and safe places where children can learn so much from others especially about nature. Now might be a good time as POLICE ACCEPT THAT ALLOTMENT OWNERS MAY USE THEM AT THIS TIME OF LOCKDOWN YOU MAY BE PLEASED TO LEARN, I would ask anyone to please check carefully any areas where hedgehogs may be nesting and double check before strimming and such like, with less traffic pleased to say that they are about.If any are found injured,ill,orphaned pls contact B.H.P.S. for REGISTERED CARERS in all areas but rescue then contact immediately as you can save its life.Pls also pick/sweep up any broken glass or pots etc.

  3. Not more allotments trashed I know exactly how they will feel when you’ve had it done to yourself you loose all your tools and seeds and when the owners know its their one that is trashed. They are going to be distraught the ones who have not been touched if there is any will be heartbroken for the them allotment owning is not cheap anymore you scrimp and save beg for pallets to build your edges you share seeds or offer something from your own produce no chance ever of catching the scum. As you can see by the fires its deliberate there to spread out to be from a bonfire and they are not allowed in most of them now. It is so so sad for all of those affected by this I really hope the police do get someone or all if more than one.

  4. I am not sure if the police will even turn up to this type of crime unless someone was in one of those sheds. It is dispicable that people are going about setting light to whatever they come across, cars in Ramsgate and sheds in Margate. If caught, and that is a big if, then serious consequences must prevail.

  5. The allotments sheds belonged to my sister in law, she is an NHS Nurse and is currently dealing with Covid19 patients on a daily basis. Her allotment was her place of calm and serenity. How despicable can people be. All her gardening tools have now been lost. What is life coming to. She gives so much and now so much has been taken from her. These acts of crime have a devastating effect on people My sister in law is a quiet person who doesn’t like a fuss made but this needs to be said.

  6. What a terrible thing to do….if only there were CCTV that could monitor comings and goings??? Probably not practical to install. I hope to God that the police catch the perpetrators; someone must know something. Such damage and carnage. Hateful people.

  7. Perhaps all the allotment users could club together and purchase a CCTV system that could connect to a smart phone and alert when any trespassers enter the site. ?

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