Dog restrictions on Thanet beaches come into force on May 1

Dog walking on the beach Photo Mel Chennell

Restrictions on dogs being allowed on certain isle beaches will still come into force on May 1, Thanet council has confirmed today (April 17).

Thanet council says there are ‘no plans’ to make any changes and highlights ten beaches where dogs are welcome all year around.

Council leader Rick Everitt said: “We are pleased that the majority of our residents are respecting the national guidance to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives.

“There are no plans to remove the seasonal dog restrictions on our beaches (1 May – 30 September). These are contained within Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) which can only be changed following a legal process, including a public consultation. Having a dog ban in place during the bathing season is also a condition of our Blue Flag and Seaside Awards.

“The vast majority of dog walkers are respecting the social distancing guidelines. Government instructions continue to be to stay home so the beaches should remain quiet and we anticipate limited issues between dog walkers and other beach users.

“There are ten beaches in the district which welcome dogs all year round and dog owners can continue to use other open spaces taking account of the social distancing requirements. People should not travel to beaches to exercise their dogs, Government guidance is to stay local.”

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are NOT allowed at any time, during any part of the day or evening, on the following beaches:


  • Minnis Bay (Main Area)


  • Viking Bay


  • Main Sands


  • Main Sands (Harbour end)

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are Not allowed during the hours of 10am to 6pm on the following beaches:


  • Botany Bay
  • Joss Bay
  • Stone Bay


  • West Bay
  • St Mildred’s Bay

From 1 May to 30 September, dogs are to be kept on leads during the hours of 10am to 6pm on the following beaches:


  • Louisa Bay


  • Westbrook Bay
  • Walpole Bay

Dogs ARE allowed on the following beaches at any time, all year round.


  • Grenham Bay
  • Epple Bay


  • Dumpton Gap
  • Kingsgate Bay


  • Foreness Point
  • Sacketts Gap
  • Palm Bay


  • Fulsom Rock


  • Eastcliff
  • Western Undercliff

All dogs on promenades adjacent to these beaches should be kept on a lead.


  1. Ridiculous by the TDC as usual.
    Meanwhile their traveller friends ignore all lockdown rules and they are left alone….

  2. Why ? We have no holidaymakers, it’s some people’s only time out of their house with their dog so TDC decides to reduce the areas dog walkers can go !

  3. No dogs on beach
    Right now Rick dear tell your CEO to get out with boyfriend and do some work… She can patrol one end and he can patrol the other end.

    All officers should be out to assist
    Margate is not open
    To mass visitors it’s not sustainable

  4. Nobody will be enforcing this all the time we are in lockdown. Fill your boots is what I say.

    Same as parking enforcement. Who are buying tickets in car parks at the moment?

  5. Why do you collection of the same old whingers you obviously haven’t live in Thanet for long in the 80s people did not come here and everywhere in the UK as people went abroad. All seaside towns suffered the same people have been coming to.margate for 300 years I don’t know where you have been all main Thanet beaches margate.broadstairs. Ramsgate have always had a dog ban would you like to step on dog poo or your children I think not you would be the first to complain to the council you have to protect children when the lockdown is finished take a look how many people and families are on our beaches.there are less busy beaches to walk your dog’s on only if people would clear up after not leave it to the sea to wash away.marine conservation society.

    • Parent = sense of entitlement
      Thanet’s roads, paths and beaches are covered in litter and filth dropped by out of control yob children and their retard parents. Smashed bottles, junk food cartons, used joints/fags and used nappies are everywhere.

      The vast majority of dog owners clean up after their dogs and keep them under control, it’s a shame parents don’t the same for their kids.

      • I expect most parents do clear up after their children or, better still, help them to clear up. Concerned is exaggerating.

  6. Nurses and NHS staff are dying thousands of others are dying of the Coronavirus but fear not the the little Hitlers of Ramsgate and THANET Council will be spying on you to make sure your dog does not go on to the deserted beaches.
    This Coronavirus virus has brought the best out in some but the worse in others.

  7. I think it’s about time that the government abolished the Town Council’s, we have THANET District Council the clue is in the name District of which THANET is in so why do we need three councils, Broadstairs Town council – Ramsgate Town Council It’s just a means of robbing the local taxpayers of more money to pay extra staff some of whom are paid to spy on deserted beaches to check if dogs are not making sandcastles. The money saved from doing away with the town council’s could help the shortfall of income for TDC.

    • I have read this article twice Ann could you point out the bit were it says town council staff will be spying on locals I cant find ?. In fact the ban has nothing to do with town council from what I read its TDC that put the ban in place and will police it.

  8. The local council is perfectly justified in continuing this rule as usual. Not all walkers are dog owners. I see many dog owners look the other way on the beach, or have their nose in their phones, while their dog mess is not cleared up. There is also a large amount of dog urine on the sands and seaweed. How much money does the council spend on dealing with dog poo bins?. Are the bags biodegradable? Why not take your mess home and deal with it in designed containers and take off the pressure of the council. How many dog poo bags do we see just thrown on the ground as well? Other beach users also get bored with the amount of barking and rushing around of dogs off leads, and what seems to be the infantilising of the poor animals. Over domestication of the animals seems rather sad for them and seems to make some of them neurotic. True democracy would recognise all of this.

  9. Democrat. I agree that all dog owners should clear up after their dogs have messed of course they should like those morons who litter our streets with fast food packages cigarette tips and other rubbish. However the point of the dog owners moaning about the beach is because in these lock down times our beaches are deserted of holidaymakers and day trippers. We are having to keep our distance from other creatures called humans so a bit of flexibility and common sense would have been appreciated. Those in authority like to pretend Its all for the common good to keep dogs off the beaches for five months of the year whilst at the same time allowing dogs to use our parks all year long where there are children’s play areas and people go for picnics. There are many in our council’s who like to wear the democrat hat but show their true colours when they get the chance of being a dictators.

  10. Today I saw a dog, off its lead in a local park next to a main road, rush across the road towards another dog. This could have caused a collision- just as well there’s less traffic at present. I have seen a woman allow her dog to shit in the children’s playground in the same park. As with parents, so it is with dog owners- the thoughtless minority are the ones we notice.

  11. Bonny. Don’t be fooled by the wording, the Town Council’s carry out jobs on behalf of TDC on a whole host of things if anyone from the Town Council spotted a dog on the beach, TDC would be informed.100%.
    The point I was making was the lack of flexibility of the times we are in and deserted beaches and the cost of having three councils plus the rural ones in a small place like THANET. After this virus has past our taxes will increase across the board to put funds back in the government money pot. All the extra red tape that the extra council’s make and cost is no longer justified.

  12. I am wondering when some of these correspondents blaming town council’s for this these seem to be political motivated comments you should not call ordinary people morons these are the spilt middle classes who decide they are better than enyoneelse I do what I want society I have seen it myself with dog owners ignoring their dogs while they do their business. They even walk down to streets far from where they live in leafy areas to other streets and let their dogs do what they want if they clean up I wish they would take there full poop bags home instead of leaving them outside people’s doors or chucking them in people’s gardens where I live in central Margate there are few dog owners. There is worse things going on this country and the rest of the world fighting this deadly coronaviris. Stop whining about your right to walk your dog’s when there has always been bylaws.

    • Every public open space, be it street, pavement, park, church yard, promenade, esplanade or beach, is accessible 12 months of the year to dog walkers.
      For a few months, a tiny fraction of our extensive coastline is designated as dog free, for the benefit of those who, for what ever reason, would rather not share their picnic or sandcastles or beach towel with someone else’s dog.
      What arrogance of dog owners that they should insist on 100% access to everything, 365 days of the year.

  13. The big mistake dog owners make is thinking everyone loves their dog as much as they do. Trust me. They don’t.

    • Yahhhhhhh!! So we can now go for a lovely drive to a different dog beach because obviously Broadstairs Beach is sooooo packed at the moment!!!! Gosh!!! I am loving that expression!!! Common Sense!!!!

      • Why do people think they have to take your dog to a beach at all if they don’t live near one? Daily exercise – just walk your dog round the local roads where you live and clear up after it. Why do people think they need to be out for ages getting exercise for themselves and their dog? I really think people are losing the plot and don’t realise how serious this illness can be.

  14. ‘Ann’
    RTC carries out no work for TDC.It does some work for KCC and is paid a small amount.Do you think TDC would pay RTC for anything? RTC carries out work only for Ramsgate.
    Right now, RTC staff are busy providing the logistics for voluntary bodies across Thanet to make sure that those who need food get it.Surely that deserves praise and not abolition?
    As for red tape.This logistic support was set up in hours and has been working for nearly a month, before the lock down.I reckon that’s as good as anything in the private sector.
    The beach bye-laws referring to dogs are solely a matter for TDC and nothing whatsoever to do with RTC.
    I am not sure why we have earned the ire of ‘Ann’.I don’t mind criticism when we do wrong,but I do object to misinformation and unpleasant name calling.
    If you have a complaint send me an email and I will answer it in a straight forward manner.

  15. Donna grieve can you not get it we are in lockdown beaches will be empty until this is over that’s what you all have to do why can’t you walk your dog around your roads as long of owners clean up after them of course of they there local beach nobody can see them so they ignore cleaning up.

  16. I totally agree with Thanet blind they don’t need to be out for hours you are supposed to go out for one hour a day just walk around your local area and clean up and take poop bags to the nearest bin and not leave on the roads.the police should be monitoring these dog walkers they carry web cams total lockdown will come these are only temporary emergency powers with lockdown. You can walk dogs but stop breaking the rules for now in your streets.

  17. If the current restrictions are having an effect on the spread of coronavirus the there will be no need for total lockdown.

    I too agree with ” Thanetian Blind” 11.30 pm comment. And the 6.07 one. The “places you cannot take your dog” list is short compared to the “places you can take your dog” list. I’m not referring to the Thanet beaches list in the article but the one which doesn’t need to be published, which includes streets.

  18. In THANET we have 11 parish councils and four town councils as well as Thanet district Council and then of course Kent county council. All paid for by local taxpayers. Pre 1974 we had our own council’s. Since that time we have a district council. Far too top heavy.

  19. Ann
    What has all this got to do with TDC banning dogs ?

    I think most think thanet would be better run with town and parish councils and do away with TDC !

    But that’s a different story nothing to do with dogs unless I have missed something !

  20. Bonny. This all stems from the dogs on the beach saga. All those who are in the Town councils and parish councils like to moan about TDC, it’s never anyone’s fault but TDC. I live on a private estate in Broadstairs so we look after our own affairs.

  21. That’s a good one George noakes a drawbridge I wonder if they let their pootches walk around their private estate. Probably not they probably use other streets or beaches.The comment from Ann sounds typical of the selfish society we look after ourselves never mind everyone else.

  22. I have never lived on a private estate. Are the street lights, pavements and roads maintenance and the rubbish collections done by private firms?

    • Does the committee give the residents full reports of their meetings at general meetings? That’s what happened in the housing co-ops I lived in for decades. All residents should know what is happening and what their money is being spent on.

    • He knows rather a lot from what I hear of him Ann. Dismissive comments are always very telling about the ones who ignorantly make them.

  23. No man is an island, but in Broadstairs, that may not be true for one woman.I am sure the Committee are good and knowing the ground rents of other such ‘communities’ a lot more than she pays in Council tax.
    What about all the people banged up in HMO’s,B+B hostels or ‘Social Housing’ created by using permitted development rights, with non existent facilities? Do they have committees that are ‘very good’ and do things?
    I think you are digging a large hole of selfishness, wrapped up in bunkum.May I suggest that you pull up your drawbridge, close your door and leave the keyboard alone as you are only making it worse for yourself.

  24. Living in Broadstairs I am looking to walking with my kids to the beach in May. My kids are scared of dogs – particularly the ones that run at you and jump up while their owners just call out ‘don’t worry – he’s friendly’. This may be a bit of a generalisation, but people who own dogs don’t seem to understand that others are scared of them. I quite like dogs but I have the ability to empathise with someone that doesn’t.

    There are loads of beaches where dogs are allowed. It all seems very sensible to me but for some reason dog owners feel hard done by. Maybe they have been spoilt by having the whole of the winter to go where they want.

  25. People with dogs running loose on Broadstairs main sands today , people riding bikes on prom where there’s No Cycling Allowed signs everywhere ! Police officer walking along prom engaging with people , happy Thanet days !

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