Thanet Community Lotto £27,000 pot earmarked for groups giving coronavirus help

Thanet Lotto

Thanet council will be using accumulated funds of £27,000 from its Community Lotto to aid voluntary groups and charities helping people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The good causes will be for supporting services related to domestic abuse and rape crisis; community support which does not otherwise have access to funding and supporting services to minority groups.

Leader of Thanet District Council, Cllr Rick Everitt said: “Many of our residents are facing hardship right now. People who were already struggling are finding things harder, and many others are finding themselves in difficulty for the first time.

“We are incredibly grateful for all the work that charities and voluntary groups are doing to help at this time. The council is working hard with these groups to support our most vulnerable and directing funds from the Lotto to these good causes is all in the spirit of working together to help our community.”

Thanet Community Lotto went live in 2017. It gives people the chance to win a weekly jackpot of £25,000. For every £1 ticket sold online, 50p goes directly to projects and good causes in the community.

Unlike the National Lottery, which currently gives 28p from each ticket sold, Thanet’s version also give players the opportunity to decide which cause to support.

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  1. A lot of community groups are part of a bigger organisation.
    CIC groups from my research again a lot have had lottery heritage funds or other funds like funds for all.
    Some set ups are by offshore leaks companies.
    Whilst I agree funds should be given to all those who have not received main lottery funding.
    I do not agree Thanet Council will give money to themselves. Giving to the councils which is under the umbrella of Thanet Council.
    Please make sure it goes to groups that have never ever had funds for all funding either or councillors that have given them funding.
    I will be doing a FOI on this.
    Trust in this council to look after money got lost when the current administration agreed to sell Ramsgate seafront to offshore leaks

  2. The local Foodbank working from St Paul’s Church in Cliftonville has not received anything in funding so far and it is supporting many more people during the current situation of lockdown with people losing work because of the Coronavirus, and they are very limited in stock now. It would be nice if TDC helped them help the vulnerable in need, especially at this time.

  3. I’m not that familiar with the details of the Thanet Lottery but am sure I recall TDC saying they would make grant awards of £30k per year when it started. Given it has been going for about 2.5 years is it correct that they have only accumulated £30k? Also,I thought players nominated their chosen charity when they played so assume they have all nominated these groups?

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