NHS staff clap for Margate nurse Aimee O’Rourke as funeral procession passes QEQM

Hospital colleagues clapped in Aimee's honour

Thanet’s hero NHS workers have paid an emotional tribute to their colleague Aimee O’Rourke, whose funeral took place this afternoon (April 15).

Devastated staff fought back tears as they clapped in unison outside the hospital’s main Ramsgate Road entrance in honour of the 39-year-old nurse who tragically died on April 2 after contracting Covid-19.

A beautiful floral tribute to the NHS was visible as Philip Gore of Margate funeral directors, Gore Brothers, led the procession at 12.30pm while the sun shone brightly overhead.

Key workers applauded as the procession then made its way past with members sombrely following behind. The service was attended by close family members only in compliance of Government lockdown rules.

The mum-of-three died in the hospital’s Critical Care Unit, leaving behind daughters, Megan, Mollie and Maddie.

Aimee joined the Acute Medical Unit as a newly qualified nurse in 2017 and ward manager Julie Gammon said the whole team was devastated by her death.

Nurse Aimee O’Rourke

She said: “She was such a kind and caring nurse, and she had a really special relationship with her patients and colleagues.

“Nursing was something she had always wanted to do, although she came to it relatively late after raising her girls.

“She took some time out to care for her mum after she was diagnosed with cancer and she was determined to return and to make her mum proud.

“Aimee was a really valuable part of our work family and would always offer to help if she could. She was really growing and developing in her skills and confidence and I know she would have gone on to have a great career.”

When Aimee was first brought into the hospital with symptoms of COVID-19, she asked for Julie and her colleague was able to sit with her in the emergency department.

Julie said: “It was an honour to be able to be with her and to provide some comfort and I am so glad that I was able to do so.”

Daughter Megan, 18, previously said: “In our eyes she truly earned her NHS crown the very first day she had her first shift as a nurse.”

A gofundme appeal raised £36,590 to help Aimee’s family and East Kent Hospitals Trust has confirmed a memorial will be installed to honour the nurse’s memory.


  1. RIP Aimee I didn’t know u but a dear friend of mine did fly high with the angels because u were definately one xx

  2. I never knew Amiee but I am a nurse at QEQM and she soundslike she was a very special person . God bless her family and all my fellow staff and freinds at the hospital.

  3. Rest in peace Aimee. A true hero who will never be forgotten. God bless her and her family and friends.?

    • Think that my Mum passing and her colleagues wanting to pay their respects is a little more important. They already risk their lives everyday so what is the difference Perie?

    • Always some idiot wouldn’t be saying this if this was a member of your family, what you’re saying makes no sense what is there a 2 meter distance in a hospital we’re these hero’s are saving our life’s I think you should take your inappropriate comment perie Aimee was a true hero ?????

  4. Perie joss do not think your coment is appropriate 3 girls have lost there mum I’m not going to lower my self Rob your level I am sure you know what I think you are A–eH–e

    • Thank you Kevin, my thoughts exactly. My Mum deserves everything she got yesterday, social distancing?? Nurses and doctors who deal directly with ill patients everyday but them paying their respects to my Mum is a risk? Please grow up Perie

  5. All the brave people putting others first are Angel’s and you Aimee will fly high with your golden wings. God bless you and your family

  6. R.I.P Aimee. Thank you so much for your dedication to nursing. Thank you to all NHS workers. So sad to lose such a young and lovely person to this virus. Molly I’m so sorry for your loss, sending love to you and your family x … Perie as for social distancing these amazing nhs staff members don’t have that option daily and are on the frontline of this battle, they so bravely leave their family and go to work risking their lives daily for all of us. They paid their respects beautifully to their colleague.

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